In another tragic case of families being split apart by COVID rules, Western Australia’s harsh border restrictions have prevented two grieving Melbourne parents from flying to Perth to bring their son’s body home after he committed suicide.

Grieving parents Steve and Katie Grace

Jordan Grace took his own life in Perth last month, just days before his 21st birthday. His parents Katie and Steve Grace say that the pain of not being able to recover his body has only worsened their grief.

“I just wanted to get to him. It was my baby.”

The Graces, who are both fully vaccinated, applied for an exemption to enter Western Australia to collect their son’s body but were informed they would have to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks upon arriving in the state. However, two weeks was too long to leave their surviving children unsupervised.

“So [WA authorities] then said well if you don’t want to hotel quarantine we will just deny you entry.

We weren’t going there for a holiday. We just wanted to go see our boy pack up his things and come home and bring him home with us.”

Jordan took his own life just days before his 21st birthday

Jordan’s body has since been flown back to Melbourne and he has been laid to rest, but his troubled parents still wish to visit Perth and retrace his last steps to find out what drove him to suicide.

“If anyone had half a heart they wouldn’t let another person suffer the way not only we have but countless other people.”

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan said he was “sympathetic to all these cases” but defended the decision to refuse their entry.

“The police manage this according to pretty strict protocols.

We don’t want to end up in the situation New South Wales and Victoria ended up.”

Now that the omicron variant has been launched, the likelihood of Australia once again becoming one country without internal borders is slimmer than ever.

Below a report by 10 News First:

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