he new UKHSA vaccine report is out for weeks 1-4.

– Vaccine effectiveness against death, for the boosted, DECLINED BY 10% in just two weeks.

– Prior to February, the UK did NOT count any reinfections, and therefore, a Brit who was reinfected and died, was not counted as a “COVID Case” or a “COVID Death”. This changed starting from Feb 1st, as the UK will now count all cases occurring more than 90 days apart. This has not YET taken effect.

– The likely effect of counting reinfections will reflect very badly on boosters, as most reinfections occur in the vaccinated. We will see what happens in about two-three weeks

Even though my articles talk about bad things happening in the UK, the UK is not a somehow uniquely bad country. It is actually a great country with good statistics collected and disseminated, that show a terrible failure of vaccination as a tool against the COVID pandemic. The same is happening in every other country that vaccinated and boosted its citizens.

The boosted case rates have INCREASED — thank you COVID Vax — while the vaccine-free case rates have DECREASED.

The negative effectiveness of boosters — the fact that they INVITE COVID — has been obvious for a while but in just two weeks, the deterioration is terrifying.

The case rate chart is also getting more and more ridiculous as boosted case rates are taking off like a rocket. This means that a science-believing boosted 40-49-year-old Brit is 2.2 times MORE LIKELY to catch COVID than an ignorant, vaccine-free conspiracy theorist of the same age.


The boosters are still protective of death.

However, their effectiveness dropped by about 10% across different age categories. In the most vulnerable 80+ category, booster effectiveness plunged by 11%, and in the 70-79 age category, by 6%.

Here’s the tabulated change (and drop) in death protection:

There are two reasons vaccine effectiveness dropped so much between Week 2 and Week 4: first, the booster campaign slowed down, so not as many newly boosted people are added to the booster cohort, and at the same time booster effectiveness wanes extremely rapidly.

The second reason is that BA.2 variant is taking off in the UK and BA.2 loves boosted people, especially the ones who already had COVID. BA.2 has been around for as long as BA.1, or longer, but it does not really take off in Europe unless that country had an outbreak of BA.1. The first country to take off was Denmark, which was incidentally the first to get to the peak of BA.1, only to be overtaken by BA.2.

Future of the Boosted

Based on existing trends, my expectation for the boosted is that effectiveness of boosters will wane much more rapidly than the effectiveness of the original vaccination, and the boosted will have even LESS immunity than the double vaxxed due to the deleterious and incremental effect of the spike protein shots.

The COVID reinfections are bad for the boosted, just as the vaccine shots were, and will likely take their immunity down further.

The luckiest Brits were the vaccine-free ones, who got COVID once and are still enjoying the benefits of natural immunity undisturbed by the boosters.

Although UKHSA no longer reports on the effectiveness of the original series of shots, Scotland still does, and non-boosted people who had shots a while ago fare MUCH WORSE than the unvaccinated ones when it comes to the COVID death rate.

The double vaxxed deaths are up to twice as higher than the unvaccinated. Why? Because their immune system were ruined and cannot respond to the virus, the vaccine antibodies waned.


So, what now, can the boosted get an Omicron booster?

Well, they tried it with monkeys and gave them an “Omicron booster”.

The result was, as far as their ability to neutralize the virus, actually WORSE than the result from a regular Wuhan virus-based booster, EVEN AGAINST OMICRON.

Read this newspaper article also.

What does all this mean practically? What should we do?

My personal suggestion is to do everything possible to be in the best shape that you can be, exercise, suntan when possible although within reason, eat healthy, and buy Ivermectin just in case.

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