Time is of the essence, and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are here to save you from yourself. The “climate emergency” has arrived and “we” have no time to waste, “the environment is on the brink of disaster and climate change is an existential threat”.

Klaus Schwab, the head of the infamous World Economic Forum (WEF), hammers home the aforementioned call to action on virtually every page of his latest manifesto: “The Great Narrative”, which acts as a part two of his The Great Reset book series.

In recognizing the end of COVID Mania, The Great Narrative is an attempted reminder to keep us on edge. It is a grand call to take sweeping “climate emergency” action via Klaus Schwab’s credentialed elite. It relentlessly hammers home the apparent necessity of taking dramatic tyrannical action to intervene in the climate. And by intervening in the climate, he means radically reorienting every nation on earth by imposing a totalitarian global governance order.

According to Schwab, the world must be rapidly transformed according to the designs of a technocratic elite, and “we” must adopt the ideas and policy preferences of 50 hand-picked “narrators” interviewed for the book, who he describes as “global thinkers and public intellectuals.”

Schwab describes The Great Narrative as a book that goes “beyond the realm of theory,” serving as a “call to action”. He writes: 

“We adopt the view that, as they recover from the pandemic and embark on a path to radical and accelerated change, our societies and economies should be … attuned to the needs of our global commons.”

While Schwab entertains a variety of ideologies and political perspectives, there is one group of people who are to be dismissed whole cloth. That group, of course, is individuals and groups that do not buy into his climate narrative. Schwab cannot hide his disdain for these rogue actors, who he notes, with disgust, are largely located in the United States. According to Schwab, the enemies of his kumbaya world include nationalists, populists, individualists, and those who support free markets.

Schwab describes this cohort of supposed evildoers as conspiracy theorists who are responsible for all of the world’s ills. These individuals prop up “anti-science movements” that “prolong the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Schwab writes, adding that this group is “hindering both public health, and more fundamentally, our ability to move forward in unison.”

Anyway, enough of those evildoers who draw the ire of the author. Schwab has his eyes on the prize, and there is no time to waste. He writes:

“Climate action, sustainability, inclusivity, global cooperation, health, and well being,” are the most important issues to address in our times.

Not moving right away and decisively would render our biosphere so hostile as to derail global economic growth and … further endangering political and social stability.”

In one page after another, the World Economic Forum chief showcases his ideological commitment to the climate agenda. Climate change is the “greatest collective action problem we’ve ever been confronted with,” he says, adding that “humanity has never faced an endeavor more complex, ambitious, and far-reaching than arresting the collapse of our ecosystem and stabilizing the climate.”

Klaus Schwab has an unbelievable God complex, and he frequently reminds the reader of his apparently unlimited technocratic faculties. He routinely reveals that he believes his group of colleagues have deity-like powers and that once they unite their overall expertise, these technocrats, once in charge of all of us, can bring about unprecedented happiness and order.

Schwab considers “inequality,” particularly on the financial side, to be of utmost importance. But rather than creating opportunity for the masses, he prefers a system of state control, which, in his view, would reduce “demonstrations and social unrest.”

Schwab and his co-author advocate for “a new social contract,” and propose a variety of solutions that will help bring the climate agenda forward. 

He advocates for the consolidation of global central banks around climate action. 

Acknowledging that this “transition” period may be brutal to some, they advocate for the harnessing of economic productivity through “nature-based solutions”

Schwab and his cohorts also discuss the advent of the “bioeconomy” or the targeted destruction of reliable energy, while forcing people to eat “alternative food protein sources” like beans and bugs.

Another solution is that of ”climate engineering,” such as blocking out the sun to attempt to manipulate global temperatures.

Klaus Schwab is a comic book villain, and in The Great Narrative, he exposes the truly insane, extremist agenda of The World Economic Forum, which, through its Davos forum, acts as the go-to policy and ideas shop of the ruling class. It’s important to read this book so that you are aware of the “great narratives” that will soon emerge from the global elites. Rarely do you find such genuine, overt evil in this world. Klaus and the World Economic Forum, through the attempted Trojan horse hijacking of our freedoms via the “climate emergency,” fit the bill.

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