With the United States shattering records for recorded COVID-19 cases across the board, it’s time to dissect all of the revisionist history in the waters these days.

Big Pharma and government regulators sold and authorized COVID shots to the masses using the core claim that they were providing something akin to a cure. These so-called vaccines were sold as immunization agents (that’s why they called them vaccines), not as a therapy treatment that may at some point down the line help reduce your symptoms if you acquire the disease.

There’s one major problem with their claim.

It’s baseless. Entirely baseless.

First, let’s start with Big Pharma.

Big Pharma COVID shot companies have repeatedly insinuated their injections would effectively eradicate COVID-19. Why did they make this claim? Well, Pfizer and Moderna, for their part, pulled information from limited trial data without actually releasing information on patients related to virus carriage and/or shedding. There was no real basis for these immunization claims, but Pfizer and Moderna made them anyway, and the government played along.

All of the “stop the spread” claims were based on sketchy trial data completely detached from firm scientific evidence. And worse, whistleblowers have come forward to claim that the trials may have been modified to help sell the product.

That didn’t for a second stop government bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky from manipulating the masses into believing the shots would eradicate the virus itself.

Fauci and the “public health” gang remain on the warpath against the “unvaccinated,” but there remains zero real evidence that the non-compliant spread disease at an increased rate.

Of course, this never stopped the “public health” cadre from imposing one insane edict after another while baselessly claiming it would stop the spread of a virus.

Now, Big Pharma defenders may claim that these baseless assertions about “stopping the spread” were made when Pfizer and Moderna, among others, were monitoring trial patients who had acquired previous mutations of the virus.

However, the COVID-19 mRNA shots have never been modified. The first shot is the same as the second shot, and the booster shots are just different amounts of the same ingredients. If the shots used to stop the spread, and they no longer do, the effective endpoint of this critique should result in the FDA pulling authorization of the product.

Speaking of the FDA.

The FDA fully authorized the mRNA shots for Pfizer and Moderna under the central contention that they were unbelievably effective in *stopping the spread* of COVID-19. The evidence is available for anyone to access on the FDA’s website.

The Pfizer-BioNTech shot was specifically authorized “for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.” This didn’t mean the prevention of severe vs mild disease. The government regulatory body made crystal clear that they were not talking about symptomatic infection, but simply testing positive.

Based on results from the clinical trial, the vaccine was 91% effective in preventing COVID-19 disease,” the FDA press release read. That 91% number comes from a CDC study that claims both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots “reduce the risk of infection by 91 percent for fully vaccinated people.” Commenting on the study, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky claimed the shots would work to “prevent most infections.

There was never any real scientific evidence that Big Pharma and the federal government had found a way to stop the spread of a coronavirus, but they claimed otherwise. As evidenced above, the baseless idea that the shots stop the spread was not only part of the sales job, it was the most important part of the sales job.

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By Daemon

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