The world’s most powerful governments are all spreading the same lies regarding the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). According to journalist Ben Armstrong of the New American, this is a coordinated effort to sow fear so that they can gain more power and control over people.

Thinking on the same line as Armstrong is Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former vice president, chief scientist and researcher for Big Pharma company Pfizer, who expressed the belief that there is a “supranational plan” to take over all of the world’s democracies.

Yeadon said during an interview with German media company OVALmedia:

“All of the countries had somewhat similar pandemic preparedness plans that were very simple. They all discarded them in the weeks of March 2020, all of them, and they replaced them with the same narrative script… I call them ‘the eight COVID lies.’ Every single one of them is untruth, and I think the objective was to frighten people to death.”

Here are eight of the biggest lies they are spreading about COVID-19.

1. COVID-19 is very deadly

One of the first lies governments trotted out about COVID-19 is that it is an extremely lethal virus that could easily kill anyone that gets infected by it.

The truth is COVID-19 has a survival rate of around 99 percent for people who do not have any comorbidities that would make them more likely to succumb to any disease.

2. PCR tests are effective at detecting COVID-19

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are considered to be the gold standard for detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in a person.

According to Armstrong, the PCR tests used by governments around the world are specifically calibrated to detect even the tiniest fragment of any coronavirus, not just SARS-CoV-2. This is used to artificially boost the number of infected people.

3. Masks work

Early on in the pandemic, public health officials all over the world claimed that people should wear face masks when they meet people outside their household as it protects them from COVID-19.

But the face masks these officials recommended were never designed to filter breath and breath particles. They were designed for use in hospitals so that doctors and nurses do not get blood and other bodily fluids in and around their mouths and noses.

4. Lockdowns can slow down the spread of COVID-19

Many people around the world did initially believe that the lockdowns would stop or slow down the spread of COVID-19 since the disease is spread from person to person.

But the infections never stopped, and nearly two years since the pandemic began, cases are still growing and they are still spreading even in countries that still have strict lockdowns.

5. Asymptomatic individuals can spread the virus

Government and public health officials keep warning that even seemingly healthy but asymptomatic individuals can still spread COVID-19.

Armstrong rhetorically asked:

“Folks, if you’re not symptomatic, how can you be spreading it? You don’t have to be afraid of people who are not sick.”

Armstrong pointed out that the term “asymptomatic” should be differentiated from people who have slight symptoms that they have not properly addressed.

“There is a very small window where … you actually have slight symptoms, but you don’t know it yet. You have that sore throat and a little bit of a runny nose, but you don’t think that you’re sick… But that’s not asymptomatic, these are symptoms. And during that very first little period, you could be spreading it.”

6. There are no proper treatments

Governments around the world claim that the only way to properly treat COVID-19 is through vaccination.

But virologists have extensively examined the stages of a COVID-19 infection – replication, inflammation, coagulation – and have concluded that this multi-phase infection can be very treatable if doctors took care of it like they would any other respiratory viral illness.

7. Natural immunity is ineffective

Given the proliferation of COVID-19 vaccines, governments all over are discrediting natural immunity – the immunity a person gets after recovering from a bout against COVID-19.

This is not how immune systems work. Once the infection has cleared from a person’s body, that immune system will already know what to do if it tries to enter the body again.

8. COVID-19 vaccines are safe to use

Perhaps the biggest lie that governments and public health officials have parroted is that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. In reality, these experimental and dangerous medications are deadly.

Ben Armstrong about the COVID vaccines:

“If anyone says it’s safe and effective, they’re flat out lying yet again. It’s the most deadly, most horrible vaccine ever created, that has been given to mass population without being removed. Nothing has come close.”

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