AIX-EN-PROVENCE, MARSEILLE – A young woman has passed away 7 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Sofia Benharira, a student at Valabre Gardanne Lycée (high school), got her shot on September 14th. She had several symptoms shortly afterward. The student suffered severe discomfort on September 20th while at school and was taken to hospital. She died one day later as a result of thrombosis. Her family is now seeking answers for the sudden death of the healthy girl.

Sofia’s motivation to get the COVID-19 shot was so that she could participate in activities that are restricted to those who are not vaccinated. After her injection on September 14th, she suffered multiple health problems. On September 20th, while being at school, Sofia had such intense discomfort that she was taken to hospital. She suffered a heart attack in the early morning of Tuesday, September 21st. She died at 06:00 at the General Hospital of Aix-en-Provence.

testimony by Sofia’s aunt and Godmother Sonia:

Translation: “The grief is great…. Sofia was full of life. She wanted to become a nurse. She was in her last year of school. Unfortunately, she left us. On Monday morning, while she was in school, she felt discomfort. The school called the fire department who rushed her to Aix-en-Provence hospital. She had a heart attack and died at six in the morning on Tuesday.
We, the family, asked for an autopsy, because a healthy 17-year-old girl suddenly died like that, no … No, she was not sick, my Sofia. And what the autopsy revealed today was an unexplained massive pulmonary embolism. We cannot say more. We do not know. This is what the public prosecutor told us. So for now, we keep it at that but we will continue our research until we find the cause of this pulmonary thrombosis. That’s all I have to say. Also, parents need to be careful with their young children, because it happened to us and it is real. It can happen to anyone. Parents, take care of your children. Pay attention, think. That’s all I have to say.

The Association for Pediatric Health of Children in France, Collectif Réinfocovid IDF, reacted to the sudden death of the healthy 17-year-old: “We have alerted our networks of health professionals, parents’ associations, and lawyers. We are in a state of shock. Her name was Sofia…”

Family and friends paid their last respects at her funeral at Gardanne Church today:

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