As the vaccine rollout to adolescents continues, so does the increasing number of young people suffering and dying from serious cardiac events.

13-year-old Jack Thomas O’Drain from New Jersey passed away unexpectedly on January 4th after collapsing on New Year’s Eve. According to a social media post by his father Trent, Jack suffered an ‘unexplainable’ cardiac arrest while playing with his friends. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia before being put on life support.

Jack Thomas O’Drain, 13, passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest on New Year’s Eve

According to his obituary:

“Jack will always be remembered for his big heart, love of learning and loyalty to family and friends. He was extremely bright; he attended Voorhees Middle School and was a part of the Science Olympiad Organization. Jack enjoyed playing the saxophone and practiced at the NJ School of Music in Medford. He loved the outdoors; hiking, camping and fishing were some of his favorite activities. Jack loved game nights playing monopoly, rummy 500 or watching a good movie but most of all it was the time he spent with his family and friends that he treasured the most.

On June 6th last year, his mother Jennifer O’Drain, posted this on her Facebook page after Jack had received his second dose of the COVID vaccine:

His funeral will be held on January 9th in Marlton, New Jersey.

As to the question of why Jack was vaccinated at the age of 13, despite being in an age category that is at very low risk of COVID, the New Jersey Department of Health encourages ‘everyone 5 years or older to get the jab as soon as possible‘, claiming that:

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and highly effective at preventing you from getting sick. They are one of the most important tools to ending the COVID-19 pandemic and getting back to what you love.

New Jersey has also led the way in pushing the jab on children, airing a shocking ad over Christmas that features a child saying that all he wanted for Christmas was the ‘COVID vaccine‘.

You can support the O’Drain family on GoFundMe.

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