Algerian football player Sofiane Loukar has died after collapsing during a match in the Algerian 2nd league on Saturday.

Loukar, who plays for MC Saïda, suffered a heart attack with medical staff unable to revive him.

The Algerian is the fourth football player to die this week from cardiac arrest.

Sofiane Loukar, 30, collapsed and died after suffering a sudden heart attack

The 30-year-old fell to the ground in Saturday’s match against ASM Oran without taking contact from another player.

Medical staff immediately rushed to the scene to resuscitate Loukar but were unable to save him and he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The video below shows the distressing scene where medical staff tried to save Loukar’s life:

Another video shows players from both teams crying in anguish in the changing rooms of the Bouakal stadium upon hearing the news that Loukar had died:

This week has taken a tragic toll on the international football community.

Only 3 days ago, on December 22nd, Muscat FC and Oman national team player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi died after collapsing during the warm-up before the start of his team’s match against Al-Suwaiq Club.

Players and officials from both sides were visibly moved and in tears following the incident that saw the match abandoned before kick-off on Wednesday:

On the same day, Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Amin died after a sudden heart attack in the locker room just after finishing training.

And on December 23rd, a day later, Croatian footballer Marin Cacic died after being placed into a coma following his sudden collapse at training with his team NK Nehaj Sinj.

The unprecedented increase in players collapsing recently is leading to much speculation as to whether or not the COVID-19 vaccines are the cause of this terrifying new trend.

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