A famous Brazilian singer has died six weeks after receiving his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Cantor Maurílio, from the duo ‘Luiza and Maurílio‘, has passed away as a result of a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs).

The 28-year-old singer had been vaccinated with his second dose on November 17th.

Cantor Maurílio, 28, died just six weeks after his second COVID shot

Several singers took to social media to honor the musician including Wesley Safadão, a Brazilian singer with 35 million followers on Instagram:

“My condolences to the family, friends and fans of Maurílio. RIP!

Well-known artist Maraisa also paid tribute to Maurílio saying:

“Today, we lost another great friend! Maurilio, an enlightened singer and an unrivaled talent!

May you follow the path of light and look at us from above, because I’m sure you’re in the best place in the world… Where you deserve to be!

I love you my friend!

On November 17th, Maurílio had posted a picture of himself receiving the COVID vaccine on his Instagram. The 29-year-old captioned the post with:

“I’m messed up but I’m immunized! 2nd dose is in the arm!

GET THE VACCINE!!! Vaccines save lives

Maurílio received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on November 17th

Maurílio was hospitalized less than a month later on December 15th after suddenly falling ill while recording a new album. He had collapsed in his studio and was rushed to Jardim América Hospital in Goiânia where he suffered three heart attacks.

He was later diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and remained in intensive care until his death on December 29th. The hospital’s medical staff said they had done everything they could to save the young singer’s life.

Luiza and Maurílio have received billions of views on YouTube

Maurílio is best known for his duo with Luiza. The pair met in 2017 and started singing together that same year. In 2019, they released their number one hit song “S de Saudade” which has received more than 380 million views on YouTube.

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