Detention camps, separating families, and the culling of domestic animals.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has complete control over every aspect of life in China, and some two years of COVID Mania conditioning has only enhanced its grip over the nation.

As the continuing Shanghai lockdown has proven, the government has improved upon a push-button hard lockdown system, first applied in Wuhan in early 2020, that can shut down entire cities in a matter of hours.

Since late March, over 25 million citizens of the Shanghai metro area have been trapped in their homes in the name of fighting a virus.

Chinese citizens have been indefinitely stripped of movement “privileges,” and the state has mobilized more and more military, police and “medical” resources into the city to eliminate any potential dissent from the COVID narrative.

China’s state-run social media apparatus is making a very big deal of their supposed efforts to contain the Shanghai outbreak. It is a similar strategy to the information operations surrounding the Wuhan fiasco from two years ago. 

The CCP has taken the opportunity to showcase its technocratic authoritarian prowess, putting on a display that is proving to be the envy of the world’s tyrannical ruling class, which modeled their COVID responses from some form of the Wuhan lockdowns.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with science, as none of these measures actually do anything to stop a virus from spreading among a population, as proven through two years of data showing the failures of lockdowns. And the additional downsides of Wuhan-style lockdowns, both on an individual and societal level, remain obvious to any objective observer. Why China has decided to put on this pseudoscientific display once again — this time in Shanghai — remains a mystery.

As the lockdown continues, the CCP continues to deploy more and more assets into the region to “stop the spread.” China’s state run Xinhua is reporting that military hardware and surveillance drones have been deployed to the city for the “fight against the recent COVID-19 resurgence.”

Citizens who test positive for COVID during one of their daily compulsory testing sessions can expect life to get a lot worse. 

Those who test positive are being shipped off to quarantine camps for an indefinite amount of time. And families are being separated from their children in the process. The conditions of these detention centers, and the total population that remains trapped inside of them, remains a closely guarded state secret, but we sometimes get a glimpse of these horrors in media reports.

Moreover, a positive test includes the state sending teams to go into residences to murder domestic animals.

For more background on the Shanghai lockdown, read last reported article:

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