In a message that could have come straight out of Nazi Germany, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has said that anyone who remains unvaccinated should be completely cut off from hospitals, planes, public transport, and the ability to get food at supermarkets. He added that governments should place increasing restrictions on the unvaccinated – including making vaccination mandatory for air travel.

Michael O’Leary, 60, said only jabbed people should be allowed to live-freely

O’Leary told the Telegraph:

“I have no difficulty saying to people, you can fly, but you have to be vaccinated.

We fully respect your right to be not vaccinated if you are one of the lunatic fringes who believe this is some government, big pharma conspiracy.

But if you are not vaccinated, you can’t go to the supermarket, you can’t go to the pharmacy. You shouldn’t be allowed into hospital if you’re not vaccinated”

Leaning into his enthusiasm for coercion, O’Leary added that not allowing unvaccinated people to participate in certain activities would incentivize them to get the vaccine.

“If you tell someone under 30 years of age that they cannot get into a pub they’d get vaccinated pretty damn quickly.

But governments should place increasing restrictions (on the unvaccinated) while recognizing the rights of everybody. If you want to be unvaccinated, that’s fine, but we should increasingly not allow those to go to work, to travel on the Underground, to fly etc.”

However, O’Leary did say that he ‘fully recognizes’ the choices of those who believe in conspiracy theories between government and big pharma not to get the jab, he does not think they should enjoy the same freedoms as those who have received the vaccination. In other words, he respects your choice, as long as you make the one he agrees with.

These kinds of comments are par the course for O’Leary, who is described on Wikipedia as arrogant and prone to making comments which he later contradicts. He has been extravagantly outspoken in his public statements, sometimes resorting to personal attacks and foul language.

We await to see whether he regrets his decision to back proposals that would hurt the airline he is running.

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By Daemon

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