In July 2020, Klaus Schwab warned the world of a devastating and comprehensive cyber-attack that would ruin the financial system (goodbye deposits, pensions, mutual funds, insurance policies), utilities (goodbye water, gas, electricity), transportation (goodbye planes, air traffic control, smart cars, traffic lights, freight ships, trains, etc), education, healthcare, industry, correctional facilities, the internet itself and pretty much everything that most people in developed countries take for granted.

These concerns led the WEF to start Event 201-esque LARP called “CyberPolygon”. They were held in 2020, 2021 and are expected to be held in 2022.

In Dec. 2020, ‘The Russians’ hacked SolarWinds (300,000+ customers) and FireEye – gaining the best hacking tools AND backdoors into ALL the companies that were customers of these two firms. Virtually all F500 companies, major municipalities, government departments, etc were clients.

In 2021, The Russians/Chinese/Anonymous hacked a major pipelineJBS FoodsKaseyaAccellionEpik DNSMolson Coors, and even Microsoft.

In Dec. 2021, the members of “Collective Strength” – which includes the US, UK, UAE, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Thailand and the Netherlands – worked with the BIS, IMF and World Bank to simulate the effects of a cataclysmic cyber-attack on the global financial system. If you read the article, you’ll see that they simulated waiting 10 days – to ensure MAXIMUM devastation – before they did anything.

In 2022, GiveSendGo was hacked and the list of donors to the Canadian white supremacist, neo-Nazi, insurrectionist, anti-vaxxer, anti-science, anti-LGBTQ occupiers of Ottawa was leaked by unnamed entities. Whilst Aubrey Cottle – an Anonymous member confessed to having done this – this hasn’t been verified.

Whoever these kind souls – who did what they had to do to defend against threats to our democracy – didn’t bother to find out the contents of Ghislaine Maxwell’s black book(s) or investigate any other issue that has been “dangerous to our democracy” including the contentious US elections or the trial data that the FDA and Pfizer are trying to hide from humans for another 75 years.

SUDDENLY, Anonymous is back – this time defending Ukraine’s democracy from the Russians – by launching a CYBER WAR against Russia.

I am not a betting man, but after seeing EVENT 201 become reality a mere 2 months after it was concluded, my instincts tell me that this cyber escalation will provide the perfect cover to unleashed a true cyber pandemic that’ll be blamed on The Russians.

What’s the fastest way to ensure that “You’ll own nothing and be happy” becomes a reality? Destroy ALL financial wealth that is not physical. Yes, cryptocurrencies are not immune as their value is ZERO when the exchanges, custodians, and even the internet are not working.

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