What happens when you show total disdain for the people you “govern”? This happens:

“I, the governor, was executed for the betrayal of the people of Kursk”

“A scarecrow with the face of the head of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoyt, was hung this morning on an elevated pedestrian crossing on Dzerzhinsky Street, a poster with the inscription ‘He was executed for betraying the people of Kursk‘ was placed on the mannequin. Residents believe that the action may be caused by QR codes in the region.”

The cops are reportedly investigating the case.

There’s no way to know for sure what motivated this rather graphic statement of protest. But we wouldn’t be surprised if anger over cattle tags was a factor. Kursk requires QR codes for shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses; it also has mandatory vaccination for various business sectors, including healthcare, transport, tourism and hotel business, culture, sports.

What are they saying on Russian forums about this incident?


Notably, Kursk isn’t the only region where Russians are dedicating monuments to their beloved leaders.

In a suburb outside St. Petersburg, a group of appreciative citizens erected a tribute to governor Alexander Beglov, who is so busy cattle-tagging the masses that he apparently has no time for clearing snow from the streets.

The trash bags are in honor of the mountains of garbage piling up in St. Petersburg. Beglov cares!

Apparently, the creators of this inspiring monument chose this location because Beglov has a cozy retreat nearby:

“At the entrance to Komarovo, activists erected a monument to a St. Petersburg hero who survived the ‘difficult conditions of the Beglov winter.

The installation is designed to draw the governor’s attention to problems with snow and debris removal.

The location for the installation was not chosen by chance. After all, it is here, in the elite part of the village, that [Beglov] often hides from routine problems in his cozy dacha.”

Beglov recently banned under-18s from basically all activities; they are not even allowed to go to Taco Bell. So as you can probably imagine, he’s a really popular guy right now.

Anyway, we will continue to keep you posted as various regional leaders commit seppuku.

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