We spend millions of dollars a year “keeping it natural”. We pay a premium for organic food, including for our pets. We diligently scour labels in search of harmful chemicals that may penetrate our homes or bodies. And “green living” has become more than just a passing fad. Putting it mildly, our nation has become obsessed with the goodness of nature and the best it has to offer in everything, especially our health.

So why is it so hard for some to believe that natural immunity to COVID-19 in all its forms is superior to that of a man-made vaccine, especially one whose ingredients won’t be divulged today, nor for the next seventy-five years? 

As human beings, who have relied upon our instincts for survival, it would be unnatural not to have questions given these circumstances as well as the obsession and pressure being exerted in relation to a vaccine that doesn’t prevent contracting the virus. Even the claim that the vaccine lessens the severity of symptoms is suspect.

Of the ten people who came across the omicron variant in my home over the Christmas break, seven people contracted the virus. Out of those seven, six were vaccinated. Out of the three who didn’t contract the illness, two were vaccinated. Did anyone have worse symptoms than anyone else? No. 

The single common denominator among this group, made up of all different ages, was that everyone is health-consciousregularly exercises, and maintains a healthy body weight. 

What also stood out was that the sampling obliterated the “breakthrough case” theory — more like breakout and boogie with just about every dance partner omicron can find at the party. She’s a wild one who seems to want to help humanity reach herd immunity naturally versus the unnatural route we’ve been taking of forced hiding and unproven poking, with no end in sight.

The truth is, as much as man’s ego wants desperately to outdo Mother Nature, Mother Nature will always win. She is quicker than us, more stealthy and adaptable, and smarter, and she knows the lay of the land as we are playing on her home court. We are her guests, and the minute she decides or we give her reason to dismiss us because we think and act as if we were more important than we truly are…well, that will be the last day she knows us.

This is the beginning and end of it. In the middle, where we currently sit, we have to get a hold of ourselves, return to our senses as a community, and ultimately lean on the valuable lessons our history, math, and health classes taught us.  History repeats itself. “One and one” always make two. And health is wealth.

There is nothing unnatural about any of these — unless you don’t subscribe to science, that is. 

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