Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, has announced that all coronavirus restrictions will be lifted in less than two weeks. This is a month earlier than initially proposed, showing the accelerating change in the narrative.

Johnson said he plans to abolish the remaining restrictions in the UK, including the self-isolation rules after testing positive. It is not clear, however, whether this will also apply to the unvaccinated.

Johnson said:

“I can tell the house today, that it is my intention to return on the first day after the half-term recess to present our strategy for living with COVID.

What is this new normal that the Prime Minister has in plan? Surely living with COVID means going back to the old normal, not even thinking about COVID anymore, right?

In other parts of the world, Portugal, Greece and France are to ease travel restrictions and Italy is changing its mask mandate for outdoor areas. The EU is removing testing regimes for fully vaccinated travellers, leaving the nasty after-taste that the new narrative is to go back to normal whilst leaving restrictions on the unvaccinated.

Across the pond, in Canada, Saskatchewan Premier, Scott Moe, announced the end to COVID passes and masks, signalling a victory for the protesting truckers. Will Trudeau realize which way the wind is blowing and cave in or will he double down?

Fauci has said that America is almost past the ‘full blown’ pandemic phase and will be winding down restrictions and masks ‘soon’.

Although Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, admitted that Scotland is entering a ‘calmer’ stage of the pandemic, she still decided that masks and COVID certification will remain.

The Scottish public, on the other hand, is saying enough is enough. Data from their Test and protect system shows that 91.5% of incomplete cases (purple), in the recent few weeks, are due to the public not responding to surveillance calls.

It seems the narrative is collapsing faster and faster each day. However, whilst this may be due to Omicron being milder, I remain sceptical. The reasons they are given to ease restrictions are the same reasons many of us were calling unnecessary in the first place.

Will they remove all legislation to ensure none of these measures will ever return again? If the legislation stays then it will be all too easy for restrictions to return when vaccines wane and seasonal illnesses return in the winter.

Will they remove all restrictions for everybody, including the unvaccinated? That means no additional testing regimes for the unvaccinated and no back-door use of COVID passes.

Are we truly seeing the end of the pandemic?

The next few weeks will certainly be interesting and the key will be to keep an eye on the small print.

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