Even though there is a lot of talk about ‘living with the virus’ and backtracking (ass-covering) on lockdowns, a lot of companies still haven’t got the memo. Suddenly, employment and discrimination laws don’t exist.

Here is an ever-growing list of countries and companies that are discriminating against their employees. They need boycotting until they change their policies.


Singapore – Unvaccinated employees are banned from the workplace, even with a negative test;


American Express – Required employees to be fully vaccinated to work in US office as of November 18th last year;

BlackRock – Since July 1st2021, only vaccinated employees were allowed to return to the office;

Citigroup – Employees to lose their jobs by the end of the month if unvaccinated;

Deloitte – Employees needed vaccination by October 11th last year to go to work;

Goldman Sachs – Told employees they will require a booster to work in the office from February 1st;

Jefferies – Only allows vaccinated employees into offices and events;

JPMorgan Chase – Won’t pay unvaccinated employees because they aren’t allowed to go to the office;

Morgan Stanley – Only vaccinated employees were allowed in NY offices in 2021;

OneAmerica – Requiring vaccines for all employees;


CVS Health – All employees and new hires required vaccination as of October 31st, 2021;

National Health Service – Staff with direct contact with patients must have had a 1st dose by February 3rd or risk losing their job at the end of March;

Kaiser Permanente – 2,200 unvaccinated employees were put on unpaid leave and had until December 1st last month to get vaccinated or get terminated;

Mayo Clinic – Has fired 700 unvaccinated employees;


Columbia Sportswear – Will begin firing unvaccinated employees from February 1st;

Ikea – Has cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff forced to self-isolate;

Kroger – Eliminated paid leave for unvaccinated employees who get COVID-19 and require them to pay monthly health insurance surcharges;

Next – Sick pay cut for unvaccinated staff forced to self-isolate;

Nike – As of January 15th, unvaccinated employees will be fired;

McDonald’s – Required all US office workers to be vaccinated by September 27th, 2021;

Morrisons – Cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff in October;

Ocado – Unvaccinated isolating staff to have sick pay cut;

Tyson Foods – Requires COVID-19 vaccinations for its U.S workforce and provides $200 to full vaccinated frontline team members;

Vans, Supreme, Timberland & The North Face (Parent company = VF Corporation) – will start firing unvaccinated employees by January 31st without severance;


Amtrak – All unvaccinated employees to test weekly. All new hires to be vaccinated;

General Electric – Required all workers to be vaccinated;

Wessex Water – To cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff who need to self-isolate;


Apple – Starting January 24th, employees will need proof of booster. Unvaccinated will need negative tests to go to work;

Cisco – Only allowing vaccinated to go to the office;

Facebook – Required anyone going back to work in their offices to be vaccinated;

Google – Tells unvaccinated employees they’ll lose pay and will eventually be fired;

Intel – Unvaccinated employees on unpaid as of January 4th;

Microsoft – Require proof of vaccination for all employees;


Delta Air Lines – Required all new hires to be vaccinated my May 17th last year;

Lyft – All employees were required to show proof of vaccination from August 2nd, 2021;

MGM Resorts Int – Asked office staff and new hires to get vaccinated by October 15th last year;

Comment with any others (with a link) below and they’ll be added to the list.

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