An elementary school student in Jombang, Indonesia has died less than 24 hours after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Muhammad Bayu Setiawan, 12, received the shot on December 27th and passed away that night after suddenly falling ill.

Family and friends gathered together to remember 12-year-old Muhammad

Muhammad was initially scheduled to get his COVID shot at his school on December 23rd. However, he was only able to receive the vaccine on Monday, December 27th due to being in recovery from another medical procedure (circumcision) that he had undergone on December 19th.

In the middle of the night of December 27th, hours after having received the jab, the sixth-grade student started falling ill and developed a high fever, leading to a sudden onset of vomiting. He was then brought by his parents to the Mayangan Health Center at around 04:00 am where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

Despite the short time between Muhammad’s vaccination and death, the Jombang regent Mundjidah Wahab, had the audacity to tell media and family members just two days later that his death was not related to the Pfizer vaccine, giving no details about how that conclusion was reached.

Jombang regent Mundjidah Wahab

Wahab told reporters after the ceremony of the boy’s funeral on December 29th:

“I am here today to convey the parents and his family. But it has to be explained that this was not a result of the vaccine. The point of the vaccine is that it is for the health of the citizens and our community.

Currently, we’re concentrated on school-aged children from 6-11 years old and it is being carried out all over the world.

It was Allah SWT who wanted it.”

The shocking denial by the regent comes after Lecce Prosecutor Donatina Buffelli ‘could not identify‘ a correlation between the death of 14-year-old girl Majda El Azrak and the administration of the second dose of Pfizer vaccine.

El Azrak had received her second shot on August 17th and complained of severe discomfort and pain a day later. On August 20th, she was admitted to the intensive care unit of Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bari where she died 26 days later.

The outrageous denial by public and health officials around the world regarding any correlation between these sudden deaths of healthy young children, just days or weeks after the vaccine, is bound to ferment further distrust in governments and their regulatory systems around the world.

A video report on Muhammad’s case by Indonesian news outlet Kompas:

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