The FDA has decided to authorize both a fourth and fifth COVID injection of the same mRNA formula. The fourth dose is now sanctioned for the broader U.S. population. Additionally, the FDA has clandestinely authorized a FIFTH dose for “immunocompromised” individuals. 

As far as I’m aware, the U.S. is breaking new ground by becoming the first country to authorize a fifth mRNA dose, which, by the way, is the the exact same formula as previous injections (the shot was designed for the long gone Wuhan strain and it remains unchanged). 

If you didn’t catch the fifth shot authorization statement initially, that’s because the FDA seems to be delivering its advice in deliberately confusing language. Also, it probably has something to do with our broader corporate press only reporting on select portions of the press release.

Here’s the relevant portion about the fifth dose:

For individuals who are considered immunocompromised, the FDA and CDC now define “fully vaccinated” as a “three course primary series” of mRNA shots. But for non-immunocompromised people, “fully vaccinated” currently means two mRNA shots. 

The distinction is without rhyme or reason, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Government Health decide to soon redefine fully vaccinated to three shots for all Americans, and start the booster regime at the fourth shot.

To this day, there remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine that is available in the United States.

Both Moderna’s Spikevax and Pfizer’s Comirnaty (which was approved in August of 2021) are nowhere to be found, while the FDA noticeably continues to approve more and more doses of the emergency use authorization (EUA) injections.

And with another new variant (commonly referred to as Omicron BA.2) becoming dominant in the United States, there have been no studies to conclude that these old shots (from January, 2019) will do anything positive at all for the current strain. 

study on the fourth mRNA dose out of Israel found a continual decline in efficacy with each additional dose. After dose 3, the levels of “protection” declined to a seasonal basis.

There seems to be no relevant scientific data defending the continuing authorization of these shots. Government Health has become completely enveloped by regulatory capture.

And that might be why the FDA is abandoning any semblance of due process in rubber stamping these products to market.

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By Daemon

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