SAN GIORGIO A CREMANO — A 27-year-old Italian professional swimmer, swim instructor, master’s degree student, and soon-to-be wife is dead as young sudden deaths are accelerating across the globe.

Ms. Mariasofia Paparo is best known as a highly-accomplished swimmer. Her Instagram page, dating back to 2013, has numerous photos of her winning medals and trophies in swim competitions.

She won her first gold medal in May 2015 at age 21. The text on top of the medal translates to International Swimming Master Trophy. The IG caption reads, “Loot completed with a gold and a super time.”

Her swimming dominance afforded luxuries. Ms. Paparo traveled all over the world, including Egypt, India and the United Arab Emirates. She continued winning medals in various swimming competitions through 2022. Ms. Paparo also modeled for sports apparel brands, particularly Speedo International. Another new chapter in life started in March of 2020, right as the so-called pandemic commenced.

Sudden heart attack and death

Ms. Paparo’s last Instagram post came on April 6. She expressed deep love for her fiancé and ended the post with “100 days.” If that’s an indication of their wedding date, the couple were scheduled to tie the knot sometime around July 15.

Her last Facebook post was on April 7. It’s a photo of Angels Landing at Zion National Park in Utah.

The University of Naples Parthenope posted an update on April 12 at 3:29 a.m. confirming that Ms. Paparo passed away. The (likely inaccurate) translation said she would have graduated “next April 28.” But other Italian news sources confirmed her graduation date as this coming April 28.

She “died suddenly” from a massive heart attack on Monday, April 11, according to multiple sources. There’s no definitive evidence showing that Ms. Paparo received mRNA and/or viral vector DNA injections. But common sense and the preponderance of evidence concludes that she was at least double-vaccinated.

The University of Naples Parthenope has had a vaccine mandate in place since at least August 2021. Italy mandated vaccines for indoor dining, sports stadiums, swimming pools and pretty much any and all other settings in July 2021. The “super green pass” was implemented in December, essentially banning non-vaccinated Italians from all public venues. Italy also requires all athletes to be vaccinated in order to participate in sports.

Granted all of the foregoing mandates have narrow exceptions. But it stands to reason that a professional swimmer who loves to travel received the injections for convenience-sake.

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