Justin Trudeau is backed into a corner. Akin to a cornered wild animal, he’s at his most dangerous right now. According to reports, Trudeau has invoked an order that will suspend the rights of Canadians indefinitely. In declaring the Emergencies Act, Trudeau is using a power that was not even deployed when the government ran roughshod over citizens’ rights through COVID Mania.

Canada’s CTV News reported Monday:

“For the first time in Canadian history, the federal government is enacting the Emergencies Act, declaring a public order emergency, to bring the ongoing trucker convoy protests and blockades to an end.”

Pre-COVID Mania, the Canadian Prime Minister was a mildly annoying but mostly irrelevant frontman for the interests of Canada’s left of center faction. During the past two years, however, he and his colleagues have become increasingly authoritarian. Trudeau now represents a global faction of Western leaders who have attempted to leverage the “crisis” to strip the liberties of citizens, using the virus as a shield to enact statist measures.

For many months, Canada has operated under a system that treats the non-compliant as second-class citizens, stripping millions of Canadians of their rights in the name of the “national emergency”. Unvaccinated Canadians have had their rights taken away without due process, and they are still not allowed to leave or re-enter the country. 

As the past few weeks have made clear, Canadians across the nation have had enough. The incredibly inspiring Truckers Protest has shown no signs of letting up. The working class wants to preserve their unalienable rights, and they do not seem to be intimidated by threats from the government. 

Now, the overwhelmingly peaceful protesters in Canada are facing their greatest test yet. The Canadian regime continues to escalate to the point where Trudeau is now deploying the “Emergencies Act” to crush the protests.

The Emergencies Act has never been used, not even when the government decided to steal the rights of Canadians in enacting COVID-related draconian policies.

The Emergencies Act is a modified version of the War Measures Act, which, during World War II, was used to detain and intern Japanese Canadian citizens. It was also utilized by Trudeau’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, to waive the civil rights of opposition groups and crackdown on separatist and terrorist movements. 

The elder Trudeau is famous for his “watch me” reply when asked how far he was willing to take his fight against violent separatists and opponents of the government. Now, the younger Trudeau wants his “watch me” moment, and has suspended civil liberties to crush an almost unanimously peaceful truckers protest. 

So far, several provinces have expressed opposition to Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act.

The world is watching, and there is so much at stake here not only for Canada, but for what is left of the free world. Trudeau must not be allowed to assert this kind of authority against peaceful protesters.

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