Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson spoke with conservative commentator Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” about the Canadian government’s tyranny concerning COVID vaccinations and being forced to be tested constantly when he travels in or out of the country.

Peterson told Rubin:

“You know, Canadians who aren’t vaccinated now cannot leave the country. What the hell?”

Dave Rubin with Jordan Peterson, Wednesday, Nov. 10

Initially, Peterson believed that getting the vaccine would make the government leave him alone and allow for a normal life, he said.

“Look, I got vaccinated, and people took me to task for that. And I thought, ‘All right, I’ll get the damn vaccine.’

Here’s the deal, guys: I’ll get the vaccine, you f***ing leave me alone. And did that work? No. So, stupid me.

That’s how I feel about it. So, like, well, I have to get tested for COVID when I come back into Canada. I have to get tested before I leave Canada. … Why did I get the vaccine then if you’re not going to leave me alone?”

The acclaimed intellectual also spoke with a senior advisor to one of the provincial parties, who told him that COVID policy is “driven by nothing but opinion polls.”

Peterson first entered the spotlight after opposing a 2016 Canadian law intended to prevent discrimination against transgender people, arguing that the law would unfairly police language. Peterson teaches at the University of Toronto and at other colleges internationally, presenting conservative values to students, among other topics.

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By Daemon

One thought on “Jordan Peterson Addresses Government Gang-Stalking Over COVID-19 “Vaccine” Regret “Gov’t Still Won’t F–ing Leave Me Alone!””

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