Podcast host Joe Rogan sat down with comedian Tim Dillon on Tuesday and made some stunning remarks about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Rogan, who appeared on an episode of the Tim Dillon show in his own studio, claimed to personally know 15 people who suffered serious adverse reactions after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines.

When the popular podcast host was asked by Dillon if he knows people who have had problems after taking the vaccine, Rogan said:

I know quite a few. Now I know over 15 people that have had, like, serious side effects of the vaccine.

[They have experienced] Menstrual issues, strokes, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue.

Joe Rogan, 54, tells Tim Dillon he knows 15 people who had serious reactions to the COVID vaccines, Jan. 11th, 2022.

Rogan went on to say:

“The thing is, when you’re vaccinating hundreds of millions of people in this country alone, you’re going to get adverse side effects on any medication. And they don’t really know [much] because the VAERS reports, it’s very underreported, and it’s hard to see whether or not it’s 100% accurate.

But they seem to think that at a low number, like a conservative number, it’s like one per 1000. So if you vaccinate 1 million people, you’re going to have a lot of people that have adverse side effects.

Rogan also discussed the censorship of vaccine injuries by social media companies, saying:

“They [social media companies] suppress it. There was a kid on TikTok that had myocarditis and he was a high school kid, like an athlete. And he was in the hospital and it got millions and millions of plays. They removed it from TikTok because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Like that’s…That’s f*cked.


“That is really an indication of a much larger problem.


“Yes. The problem is they think they’re doing good.

Shockingly, Rogan then said:

“I have a friend and one of his good friend’s daughter got it. She was 14-years-old and just immediately respiratory failure. They put her in the ICU. She’s f*cked.

Rogan concluded his account surrounding COVID-19 vaccines with the following comment about the questionable history of Big Pharma:

“And you’re talking about these companies that have always, historically lied about adverse side effects in order to make profit. They’ve done it with Vioxx. They’ve done it with a bunch of other drugs.

In the past, Pfizer is like one of the most fined companies.


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