The 33-year-old Italian teacher who sustained life-threatening injuries on Monday after dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself ablaze has passed away, local media reports. The teacher, who worked in Lombardy, had been suspended without pay following the new mandatory vaccination laws implemented on January 10th, which eliminated the option of showing a negative test to gain access to work and school.

The Italian teacher who set himself ablaze in front of the local gendarmerie barracks in the city of Rende has passed away

The incident took place shortly after 10:30 am with the teacher standing in front of the local gendarmerie barracks (Carabinieri) with a twenty-liter petrol can in his hands. He then emptied the contents of the canister over himself and ignited the fuel with a cigarette lighter, which caused his entire body to be engulfed in flames. The fire was eventually extinguished by horrified onlookers and he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

The teacher was scheduled to be transferred to a large burn center in Naples, which is 206 miles or 332 kilometers apart from Rende, as he had suffered burns to over 70% of his body. However, the transfer was made impossible as his condition was deemed too severe and he passed away early this morning.

Several Italians took to social media to offer their condolences to the victim’s family, including Piero Valerio from Palermo who wrote on Facebook:

“Infinite solidarity to the family of the 33-year-old man from Rende in Cosenza province who died following his burns. The victim set himself on fire out of despair, out of restlessness, for the torment of being suspended from his job as a teacher.

We may never know, and no one will ever know, what exactly were the most intimate and deepest reasons that pushed a young life into such an extreme gesture. But one thing is certain, he wanted to tell us something. And he chose the most horrible way of communicating with us.

Let’s not forget this guy’s sacrifice.

Several Italians have announced demonstrations in honor of the teacher which are set to take place later this week.

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