PALERMO – An Italian nurse has been arrested along with two accomplices for giving out fake COVID-19 jabs, Italian police said on Tuesday. The nurse, Anna Maria Lo Brano, is alleged to have administered empty syringes after having squeezed out the syringe’s contents into a tissue.

Lo Brano and her two accomplices were allegedly paid 400 Euros (~450 US dollars) per fraudulent vaccine shot.

Italian nurse Anna Maria Lo Brano dumping the syringe’s contents in a tissue

Police suspected fraud and employed wiretapping and placed a hidden camera in the vaccination room where Lo Brano works. She was arrested early this morning on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement.

The leader of the anti-vaccine mandate movement in Palermo, Filippo Accetta, was also arrested as he is seen as the mastermind behind the operation. Accetta told people that they could receive a faked vaccination and therefore a fake Green Pass at the clinic.

One of the people who has had a false vaccination is a policeman, the prosecutor’s research shows. He will be suspended with a deduction from his salary. Similar disciplinary action will be meted out for a colleague of Lo Brano, who worked with her at the vaccination center and had allegedly taken a fake jab.

The Public Prosecutor in Palermo called the operation “a well-oiled machine” in which false vaccinations have already been administered dozens of times. However, it is suspected that the actual number could be in the hundreds.


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