As the world once again tears itself apart over the resurgence of a seasonal virus, which is now endemic enough that you can expect to see it return every winter, the psychological symptoms of it seem strongly indicative of a novel type of mental illness.


In a replay of the kind of behavior that was common at the height of winter last year, we are again seeing very extreme examples of people trying to stay ‘safe‘ in a world gone mad. These people seem to be experiencing the depths of hysteria and panic.

The look of unadulterated fear in their eyes, which is the only part of the face that can be seen is something that makes the blood run cold.


Flying seems to bring out the worst in such people, no doubt because they are trapped in a confined space with other people who they have come to think of as walking disease factories, combined with the generalized anxiety that comes as part and parcel of being cut off from most, if not all, social contact for two years.

The other look that such people exhibit are so-called ‘dead eyes‘ that indicate they are becoming inculcated into a state of learned helplessness, whereby they see no possible avenue to regain control and so resort to giving up, accepting the conclusion that there is no way out and they will be masked forever.


Those who believed the mainstream media narrative, submitted to lockdowns, wore the mask, got all their boosters, only to catch the virus, are trapped. Acknowledging that it was all for nothing, is a realization that will push some people over the edge.

Such people are in an unenviable position. They can either admit they were wrong to ostracize their family and friends whilst behaving like total lunatics more broadly, or they can double down again and turn their hatred and fear upon the world in general and the unvaccinated in particular.


Of course, the fear is not just only from COVID. Now that society has clearly divided itself into two camps, quite literally so in some parts of the world, not displaying your membership of the correct group can result in social ostracisation, losing your job and being unable to see your family, etc.

How much of the fear that people are displaying is a direct result of seeing what has happened to other people who have dared to speak out? This is a crucial component to understand in order to address the mass mental breakdown currently gripping society.

Will human nature re-assert itself and force people to throw off their masks? Or is the social engineering too strong? Will the compliant turn into gatekeepers and guards for those who are orchestrating such brainwashing, even if it goes against a basic drive to show compassion for other people?

Some people have clearly had enough and are no longer making any attempt to go about being non-compliant quietly. Although they are a small minority, their example may be enough to make others stop and think about what they are doing.

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