Indonesian authorities are investigating a man who has been running a “jab-for-hire” service in which he received 16 COVID shots on behalf of 14 different people, reports Indonesian news outlet Kompas.

The man, who is identified as Abdul Rahim, was paid between 100,000 to 800,000 Indonesian rupiah per shot, which is between $7 to $57 US dollars.

49-year-old Abdul Rahim (left), was vaccinated 16 times in a jab-for-hire service

Rahim, from Pinrang, South Sulawesi, recorded a short video earlier this week in which he said that he was paid by people to get vaccinated.

“My name is Abdul Rahim and I have received vaccinations on behalf of 14 people.

I received 16 shots in total, for which I was paid 100K-800K IDR ($7-57 US dollars) each time.”

Rahim claimed in the viral video that he had received three shots in one particular day, causing him to experience mild side effects like ‘drowsiness‘.

He also revealed that he only needed a photocopy of the customer’s ID card to carry out his actions and said that the people at the vaccination center didn’t notice anything despite using someone else’s identity.

In fact, he even said he did not wear a mask on several occasions.

“I brought a photocopy of the ID card of the person who wanted to be vaccinated and then I waited at the clinic for the nurse to call the name.

Sometimes I wore a mask, sometimes I didn’t.”

It’s not clear what motivated the 49-year-old to record and upload his confession.

Rahim was interrogated by Pinrang police shortly after which led to the head of the criminal investigation unit, Deki Marizaldi saying:

“We are carrying out an in-depth investigation into [Abdul Rahim] who has been vaccinated between 16-17 times. We have started investigations into two people from a list of 14 names we have received.”

A video report on the story by Kompas TV:

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