Unherd has published an interview with an inmate who has just been released from the Howard Springs quarantine camp. The inmate, Haley Hodgson gives details of life inside the camp in the 20-minute interview.

Haley was transferred to the camp after a workmate of hers tested positive and was quarantined. However, the police used CCTV to identify the license plate of Haley’s scooter and find her address. The next thing she knew, undercover police were knocking on her door, asking her if she knew her colleague who had been quarantined and whether she had been tested.

Haley Hodgson

Haley lied and said she had been tested since she was frightened of being returned to quarantine where she had only just returned from a month earlier. The undercover police left, but later phoned her, saying they ‘could not find her name in the system’.

She then broke down and told the police that she had lied and uniformed police then showed up at her house, blocking her driveway. and informed her that she would be going to Howard Springs.

Haley was given the choice of going in a police van, which would attract a $5000 fine, or getting a ‘covered cab’ which is actually a converted casino bus, to the facility.

“Look, I don’t consent to this. I don’t understand why I can’t just self isolate at home, like a lot of other people are doing. And they just said, we’ve just been told from higher up where to take you. And that’s all that there is.”

Howard Springs Quarantine Camp

The 26-year-old was originally told that if she tested negative at the facility, she would be released, however after she arrived, and tested negative for covid, she was told that she would be held for 14 days.

Despite not being able to wear a mask due to medical exemption, Haley was again threatened with a $5,000 fine for using a trash bin just outside of her balcony while not wearing a mask.

“You literally get put on the back of a golf buggy with your bags. And these people are in hazmat suits and everything. They don’t want to come near you because they think you’re infectious and they literally drop you to your room and they leave you. They don’t come and say anything, they don’t check up, they don’t do anything. You get delivered your meals once a day and you are just left.”

In addition to the threat of fines, inmates are also told they will be held longer at the facility if they misbehave, clearly demonstrating that the camp is not just about covid, but about punishment and compliance. The camp doctors prescribe Valium to anxious inmates to keep them compliant.

Video secretly recorded inside the camp of the guards giving Haley orders:

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