The list of football players collapsing from sudden heart attacks continues to mount with the news that Al Wakrah defender Ousmane Coulibaly has collapsed during a match on Saturday in the Qatar Stars League.

Coulibaly, a former player for Greece side Panathinaikos, suffered a heart attack in the 41st minute in a game against Al Rayyan.

Al Wakrah defender Ousmane Coulibaly, 32, suffered a heart attack during a league game in Qatar

Late in the first half, Coulibaly ran back to his own goal to defend a shot attempt from Al Rayyan player James Rodriguez when he suddenly collapsed between the posts of his own goal.

Footage of the event shows the 32-year-old twitching and completely unconscious as medics and teammates rushed to help him. He was attended by medics for 9 minutes before players left the pitch.

Players from both sides were visibly shaken by the incident and the match was abandoned shortly afterward.

Medical staff resuscitated Coulibaly as players from both sides were visibly shocked by the incident

Al Wakrah media spokesman Mohamed Al Sulaiti issued a statement saying that Coulibaly was transferred to hospital while still unconscious. The hospital has not yet made a statement regarding his condition.

Qatar Stars League later confirmed that the Malian football star had suffered a heart attack during the match before being rushed to hospital, where he is “receiving necessary medical care and attention”.

The Qatar Stars League Foundation wishes a speedy recovery to the player, and we would like to thank the medical staff of the two teams, the paramedics and the doctors for their great efforts during these events.

QSL added that the remainder of the match is to be held at a later date with the same score as when it was stopped (1-0 in favor of Al Rayyan).

Players from Arabic leagues have been particularly hard hit by on-field heart attacks with memories of Omani player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Coulibaly’s collapse was captured on video here:

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