As Canada follows the path of other countries such as Australia and New Zealand, turning into authoritarian hellholes that practice arbitrary detention upon their citizens and travelers, more footage is starting to emerge from inside the Canadian hotels that have been turned into quarantine prisons.

Mother-of-two Tiffany Guara had recently returned to Canada from Egypt, which has now been placed on the red list. She describes the harrowing ordeal she had to go through to return to the country of which she is a citizen.

Tiffany Guara

Tiffany and her two daughters had to have two negative PCR tests on the return journey, one in Egypt and another in Frankfurt where the plane stopped over. Once they arrived in Calgary, they needed to take another PCR test, which took three days.

During this time, the mother and her two daughters were confined to a ‘quarantine hotel’ which looks like something from a 90’s dystopian film.

Quarantine hotel staff leading Tiffany to the facility

Tiffany is double-vaccinated, demonstrating that as far as the Canadian government is concerned, being vaccinated will not protect you from catching COVID.

Despite having an empty home to go to where they could have self-isolated, Tiffany and her two daughters were forced to run a gauntlet of interviews, were read their rights, asked if they wanted a lawyer, then told that the penalty for breaking quarantine is $750,000.

“Upon arrival in YYC, we were taken by CBSA (Canadian Border Services) to PHAC (Public Health Canada) screening. It was a 15 minute interrogation about my history with COVID (none), my plans in Canada and my testing and vaccination. They read me my rights and told me I was entitled to a lawyer. They told me the fine for breaking quarantine is up to $750,000.

We had a dedicated escort throughout, ensuring we weren’t escaping. Secondary unexplained screening at customs, and a PCR on arrival. We weren’t allowed to make any stops or get anything to eat or drink. The whole process took about 2 hours.”

Tiffany being driven to the quarantine center enclosed in a plastic bubble

The family was then transported in a dedicated vehicle to the ‘secure quarantine location’ which is a reconverted hotel, the inside of which had been covered in plastic on every available surface. They were then confined to a single room with one bed for 3 people to wait for the results of the PCR tests, which would take 3 days.

“We were transported in a dedicated vehicle to the Westin Airport Hotel in Calgary. The Government of Canada has contracted the entire hotel as a ‘secure quarantine location’. The parking lot is blocked with No Trespassing signs. We were met by the Red Cross of Canada employees in HazMat suits. We were processed and taken to an isolation floor.

We cannot go outside. We cannot leave our room. We cannot get deliveries or packages. We cannot consume anything from offsite.”

By the third day, things had gotten significantly worse. Tiffany’s two daughters were going stir crazy. All communication in or out of the facility must be passed through the Red Cross, even though there is no chance of transmitting COVID via the phone, a clear indication that the Canadian government is trying to keep the conditions quiet and stop the wider public from finding out.

Tiffany described the conditions of the ‘hotel’ in detail. They were confined to a windowless hotel room with one bed and given cold, poorly prepared food, with only water to drink.

“Canadian hotel quarantine day 3. – We still have no PCR results, because apparently in Canada it takes 72 hours to get results in 2021. Or maybe they just want us to stay here longer. – The food is horrible. It arrives cold and has limited nutritional value. It’s not FoodSafe for sure. I may call public health.- No fruits or vegetables (aside from potatoes). No beverages are offered, so it’s tap water for the win.

We have only one bed in the hotel room so we all sleep together. We have a window to nothing. Can’t see the parking lot or any coming and goings from the site. I wonder if they give rooms that have a view to that.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Food.png
Some of the food Tifanny received at the facility

Tiffany witnessed other disturbing things while inside the facility, including a man beginning to lose his mind from not knowing when he would be released yelling “I have never committed a goddamn crime!” and saying the food ‘made him puke’. After filming for about a minute a security guard came and told her to stop.

Tiffany and her children were eventually released after 3 days when their test came back negative. They will now have to isolate for 12 days at their home in Calgary.

Tiffany was interviewed by CTV News about the experience:

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