Suddenly, COVID has all but disappeared. Without even a day to relax, the next crisis has been thrust upon us (and significantly so for the Ukrainian people). Russia has begun its invasion of Ukraine but despite its tactical advantages and much bigger military power, the Ukrainians seem to have held their ground for now and even won a few minor battles.

So what is going on?

Russia’s elites have not suddenly decided to invade Ukraine, they are part of the globalist cabal as much as any of the other Western elites are. Putin is a former young leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and he regularly meets with his friend Henry Kissinger. Russia also joined the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network (part of the WEF) last year.

There have been many suggestions so far as to what is going on, including:

– Putin is physically ill, a megalomaniac and wants to strengthen Russia before he dies (this is the most dangerous suggestion as it means he will do anything to achieve his goals).

– Ukraine becoming part of NATO is something Russia won’t back away from and only diplomatic negotiations and a step back by NATO will stop them.

– US biolabs in Ukraine, researching emerging viruses, have been targeted.

– It is all theatre, a cover story to hide COVID/vaccine bad news or an excuse for global financial/energy problems.

Is it a coincidence that COVID was rapidly de-escalated across the globe (except for a few countries such as Canada) in a matter of weeks, going from a potential Christmas lockdown to living with the virus?

Once again, the wisdom of the crowds may give us a glimpse at the real story, so what do you think is happening and what are your predictions for the next few months? Will we see Western troops on the ground or will this fizzle out when a new variant comes around?

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