A new pre-print study examining the deaths of children aged 5-11 from COVID in Germany has found that there have been no deaths of healthy children from the disease.

Examining a range of data sources, the study found that the case fatality rate (the likelihood of dying if infected) for children under 18 was 0.09 per 10,000 or roughly one in 100,000.

For children aged between 5-11, the numbers are even lower, with only 89 children in total needing intensive care treatment and only 4 deaths out of a total population of 5,267,742 children aged 5-11. None of these 4 deaths involved healthy children without comorbidities.

The extremely low risk of serious injury or death in children from COVID highlights the absurdity of mandating vaccines for this age group, especially as the likelihood of serious adverse reactions from the vaccine is higher than serious complications from COVID, especially in healthy children.

The death rate for children from COVID continues to be incredibly low. In all of Germany, only 14 children under the age of 18 have died of COVID, out of 1.5 million infected.

The insane policy of mandating vaccines for children under 18 is likely to produce more injuries than COVID itself, begging the question of why such a policy is being enforced. We will leave the reader to draw their own conclusions, although financial gain and political power seem to be the two most obvious reasons.

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