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Anthony Fauci has emerged from his newfound involuntary hermit condition to commemorate the two-year anniversary of 15 Days To Slow The Spread.

Fauci, the self-described personification of science itself, resurfaced this weekend on Pfizer-sponsored CNBC to declare victory for “the science.”

As the Biden White House pivots to war in Ukraine, the 50-year government bureaucrat has largely been relegated to local TV and obscure podcasts. His CNBC appearance was his first major network appearance in weeks, and it was not at all featured in any of CNBC’s social media platforms. The 30-minute CNBC’s Squawk Box show interview is available on Apple’s podcast

In a segment titled, “Pandemic Turns Two,” Fauci discussed the COVID-19 response with CNBC’s Meg Tirrell, a self-described reporter who in the interview functions as a Government Health and Big Pharma stenographer. Tirrell began, introducing Fauci to the audience:

“The triumph of science … we showed what it could do.”

Fauci declared:

The one really big success story has been the science.

He added that the creation of multiple mRNA vaccines should be a cause for celebration.

In applauding a victory for “the science,” Fauci appears to be congratulating himself. He has previously revealed that he believes himself to be the personification of science as a concept.

Asked what his biggest challenge has been, Fauci revealed his contempt for those who did not comply with the four-shot (and counting) mRNA vaccine regimen. Fauci complained:

“Having so many people for a variety of reasons … individuals and groups and entire segments of the population of the United States but also throughout the world who see vaccination as an infringement on their rights as opposed to a life saving intervention.”

Clearly upset with what he described as the idea that “everybody wants to put the virus behind us,” Fauci remarked that “we don’t know” if COVID will spike again.

The Pfizer-sponsored CNBC show then pivoted to an interview with the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, who told the audience that it will soon be time to get their fourth dose of the product his company was advertising on the network.

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