SOUTH KOREA – Families united over the common grief they have of a loved one dying after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The families gathered at a special event to not only honor their loved ones but also to raise awareness of the potential risks of the vaccines. The group is asking for justice, accountability and victim advocacy. The bereaved families and victims have filed a constitutional complaint with the Constitutional Court, saying that the government and authorities are too passive in considering causality.

Eun-Seok Lee (left)

One of these people is Eun-Seok Lee, who lost his mother at the end of June. His 63-year-old mother collapsed from a cerebral hemorrhage a week after receiving the first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and eventually passed away 20 days after her vaccination. His mother was healthy enough to enjoy mountain climbing with her friends, she was far from being ill.

Mr. Lee said:

“She was very healthy… I still can’t believe it because this is something I never imagined could happen. It isn’t common sense to conclude that there is no causality when she died 20 days after getting the vaccine.”

The official number of deaths in South Korea after being vaccinated against COVID-19 has surpassed 700, and the number of severely ill has exceeded 10,000.

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