In an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” Friday night, Dr. Robert Malone, a key innovator of mRNA technology, and Alex Berenson, former New York Times writer and author/researcher, discussed with host Raymond Arroyo a campaign recently launched by 270 scientists, physicians and others to ban a December 31st, 2021 “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on which Malone was the sole guest.

270 scientists, physicians and others have signed a letter to Spotify to ban Dr. Robert Malone’s podcast appearance on the Joe Rogan Show, Dec. 31st, 2021

Arroyo began the discussion Friday night with:

“Nearly 300 scientists are demanding that Spotify censor Rogan’s podcast, which is the number 1 in the world. They call Rogan and his guest’s questioning of vaccines and COVID policies ‘medically and culturally dangerous,’ and they also claim Spotify, by hosting the podcast, is responsible for a sociological issue of devastating proportions.”

Malone, who has voiced dissent and alarm over the growing push for vaccinations, particularly in children for months, commented:

“I’m amazed that the press has picked this up. This is only 270 people, and they’re medical writers, nurses, all kinds of people. In contrast, the declaration in the Physicians International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists, which is signed only by physicians and medical scientists, I’m the President of that organization, has over 16,000 signatories. This is a huge kerfuffle of over 270 malcontents of mixed origin, led by Eric Topol, who is a shill for the administration at this point. This is a non-story that’s been blown up by the press.“

Arroyo brought in Berenson after Malone’s initial comments.

“Alex, you, too have been subjected to the censorious bullies. What’s happening here? This seems to be a trend, particularly as concerns the evolving COVID information that we’re all learning about day by day.”

In turn, Berenson, who is neither a medical doctor nor a scientist, immediately took issue with Malone’s credentials:

“I don’t think Dr. Malone does himself or those of us who are trying to raise questions about the vaccines any favors when he refers to himself as the inventor of mRNA technology; that’s clearly a large exaggeration, and I don’t think he does us any favors when he says that ivermectin has been proven to work; I think that’s a huge overstatement of the case.

But these are debates we should be having; he should be allowed to say whatever he wants, wherever he wants, on Twitter or anywhere else, and so should I, and Joe Rogan provides us a platform to talk, and that is why they’re going after him…”

Underneath Berenson’s response, Arroyo could be heard saying, “This is not ‘Get the guest’…“

Show host Raymond Arroyo seemed stunned after the surprise attack by Alex Berenson on Dr. Robert Malone

Arroyo then provided Malone an opportunity to respond to Berenson’s claims.

“Yeah: nine issued patents, all filed in 1989, all covering this technology…I would call that ‘the original inventor,’ and I wrote the initial disclosures, Alex. That was a low blow.

Malone’s patent history is posted on his website. On a page titled, “The History of mRNA Vaccines.”

As for the use of ivermectin against COVID-19, Malone reported that one of his colleagues “just came back from Uttar Predesh,” a province in India that has virtually eviscerated COVID-19 as a result of widely-distributed ivermectin. Uttar Pradesh “has flatlined their disease,” Malone said.

Malone further addressed Berenson:

“Both of your statements are going to fail with the test of time, but that’s not this discussion.”

He then turned the conversation back to the “270 malcontents whining because of people speaking the truth on Joe Rogan.

In a post further responsive to Berenson’s criticism published late Friday night, Malone wrote:

“Unprofessional, rude and an a**hole to boot.

But beyond that, I think we can all assume CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Malone added:

“Fox was not to blame for this in any way. The producer apologized to me after.”

Berenson has yet to respond to Dr. Robert Malone.

WATCH the stunning exchange from Friday night here:

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