Since the start of the hell that we call the COVID-19 pandemic, governments all across the world have instituted a range of policies that we were assured were to keep us safe in the face of a once-in-a-century risk to human life. The assaults on human freedoms and liberties, lockdowns, passports, vaccine coercion were all justified because of this huge risk.

Except, what turned out happening was nowhere near as bad as it was sold. In reaction, the governments turned around and said ‘well yes, it wasn’t as bad as we said, because of the lockdowns.‘ However, this trick, to use fear to get people to hurriedly agree to things that they would never agree to if given time for sober reflection is a trick as old as time and one that would come to be repeated again and again.

This is a very useful trick for forcing through government policies that you know people dislike, which probably explains why Neil Ferguson from Imperial College has not been fired or imprisoned and instead, keeps giving out his awful hysterical models that are now being used yet again, to justify UK draconian policy.

Imperial College London has produced all these catastrophic models which have always been wrong, horribly so, and the policies based on these terrible models have cost countless lives.

The spectator has done an excellent job of referencing these models, take a look. Just in the latest ‘omicron’ iteration, once again the projected deaths and hospitalization are nowhere near what is projected.

Have the governments learned to be more skeptical when using such models? No, because this would make the gaining of power and the introduction of policies to oppress more difficult.

At this point, the governments have gone so far into such policies that they are literally unable to reverse course. Until new leaders come in and mark a fresh change of direction, the governments will keep heading towards the iceberg of more lockdowns and economic ruin like the Titanic merrily steaming ahead.

Instead, the narrative is not to blame the governments, which brought in all these horrible policies, but to blame the very people who tried to resist them. This is the problem, the logic goes, ‘if only every single person submitted to the government’s whims and allowed them control over their bodily autonomy, everything would be fine‘.

There are a couple of serious problems with this formulation.

1. It is the essence of a pluralistic democracy that 100% of the population NEVER agrees with the government. Indeed, a situation where 100% of the population does as the government commands is not a democracy, but totalitarianism.

2. It is not the unvaccinated who asked the governments to impose these policies, quite the contrary. The governments say that they were forced to adopt these measures, but they were not. No one was forcing them, they simply pointed to the most catastrophic models and used them as an excuse to implement bad policy and now they are stuck.

Thus the governments are now in a bind. They cannot say that they messed up because it is a principle in government that if you say you messed up once, the next time you tell people to do something, they will say ‘well, you were wrong about the last thing, how do I know you are right about this thing?

This loss of legitimacy is a death knell to any government, so instead, they must blame the unvaccinated, if for no other reason than they do not want the public realizing how badly they messed up. But the public will, eventually, realize how badly they messed up. These things always come out…

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