Divide and conquer (divide et impera), a classic tactic to gain and maintain power since the Greek and Roman times. But we humans fall for it over and over again. This time is no different. From lab leaks to vaccines, the tactic has been used, in plain sight, to create division, to cause confusion and to pit two sides against an invisible enemy.

A lot of what has gone on over the last few years has been the fault of the lovechild created from cockup (stop it!) and groupthink (now called mass formation). However, the amount of distraction to cover up the mess created and shield the perpetrators has been enormous. The deliberate division has been instigated to stop you questioning what is going on and why. From letters in the Lancet, denouncing any talk of lab leak as conspiracy theory to nudging government tactics, these measures have been taken to deflect your attention away from the real issues.

The division was possible because we have been viewing the issues from the wrong perspective. When looking at an objective fact from one angle and describing it to someone else at another, we can disagree as to what we are looking at. However, change the perspective so that we are as one, at the same angle and we realize we have been arguing about the same thing.

Imagine a half red, half green apple in the center of the room. I am on one side and describe it to my friend as a “red apple”. She is on the other side and says no it’s “green”. We fall out (we have a complicated relationship with apples!) as we both “know” we are correct. The only way to resolve the issue is to take turns in each other’s positions and realize we were both correct. Now that’s out of the way we can discuss the real issues, like who bought bloody apples, I asked for pears!

It’s time to adjust our perspective, try to agree that our differences were in fact relative to our starting positions. Then we need to move on, and quickly, to reunite and answer the most pressing questions. How did this happen? Who was responsible? and how will they be held to account? Otherwise, the new normal will stay and get worse as this happens over and over again.

I have often wondered how people can see things so differently when the facts are clear. But that’s the point, the facts are clear to both sides. One sees the green apple, the other the red. So, let’s try to look at a few of the major divisions from the same angle and then move on to the real problems.

Lab leak or Zoonotic virus

When looking from the same angle both are possible. This angle is from inside the lab which has collected bat viruses and is serial passaging them through animals and humanized mice. The virus started out as a virus in animals but was manipulated to affect humans.

To be honest, even if you are still not convinced about the lab leak theory, it is irrelevant. What is certain is that gain-of-function work was being carried out and whether it caused this pandemic or not, it will likely cause a future one.

Now on to the more relevant questions. Who is funding gain-of-function work? Why is it allowed to continue? When are the individuals who circumvented the laws, rules and regulations around this type of work going to appear in court? Why did they deny it was happening? Why did they not come clean immediately and save countless lives?


Masks don’t make much difference, if any at all. Especially with cheap, homemade or surgical masks. You can see this when comparing states with and without mask mandates.

However, proper masks do have some effect. N95 masks, but preferably N100 masks, could have been used for the elderly and vulnerable. Instead of giving them comfort blankets and a false sense of security, they should have been provided with these to give them a fighting chance.

Now on to the pertinent questions. Whose decision was it to convince the general public that masks did work? Why were they used as both a comfort blanket and to promote fear? Why haven’t any proper trials been undertaken to show their efficacy? Why weren’t proper masks provided to the old and vulnerable?


Again, lockdowns don’t work, at best they slightly delay the inevitable. However, focussed protection for the vulnerable would have had some effect. Instead of locking down the healthy and sending all the elderly to under supervised and inadequately provisioned care homes, focussed protection should have been the priority.

Now the real questions. Why was focussed protection gas lit as a fringe idea? Who was responsible for emptying the hospitals and sending the patients to care homes? Who was responsible for advising on the use of drugs that probably contributed to a lot of the care home deaths? Whose decision was it to nudge the average citizen into avoiding hospitals, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths? Who was responsible for entertaining the idea of lockdowns, causing long-lasting damage to the majority of citizens, probably far more than COVID has?

Asymptomatic transmission

Asymptomatic transmission is a rarity because the viral loads aren’t high enough. However, this is when looking at viruses using classical theory. When looking at them as quasi-species, in an almost quantum way, then if the conditions are right (crowded spaces for a long time), asymptomatic transmission can occur. Take for example this case from 1973 when there was an outbreak of colds at an Antarctic base after seventeen weeks of complete isolation.

So using a quantum analogy, asymptomatic transmission can both occur and not occur, but only if the conditions are right. Asymptomatic transmission does not happen by walking past somebody in the street.

Now on to the real questions. Who decided that asymptomatic transmission should become a focal point of fear, causing psychological harm to citizens, especially children?

COVID deaths

With COVID, from COVID, by COVID, because of COVID, due to COVID, it doesn’t really matter, COVID deaths happened. What matters is that the general population were scared into thinking that COVID is like Ebola when it mainly killed the elderly and vulnerable. These are the same people who generally have co-morbidities so we will probably never know what actually killed them.

On to the important questions. Why were the general public led to believe they were in mortal danger if they were young and healthy? Was this connected to the upcoming vaccine rollout (fewer people would have taken a novel vaccine if they weren’t afraid)?

Vaccine deaths

If we can agree that it doesn’t matter whether a death occurred with COVID or due to COVID, COVID was present and contributed to the death, then we can agree that if a person was recently vaccinated, the vaccine was present and may have contributed to their death.

What really matters is that there have been thousands of inexplicable excess deaths that didn’t need to happen. Why are autopsies not carried out to determine the true cause of deaths? Why are we not allowed to suggest that the vaccines may have been the cause of some of these deaths as if they were mana from heaven? Why were early signs of clotting, myocarditis and other side effects suppressed?


Vaccine trials have shown very little and much of the data is not available. Much of the efficacy claims have come from real-world analysis. However, if you look at COVID as man-made with a synthetic toxic spike protein which affects some people but not others, then you have to question how a synthetic toxic spike protein in a vaccine makes much difference. What it does do is guarantee that you come into contact with that spike protein much sooner than you otherwise would have.

But at the same time vaccines can result in fewer vaccinated people being hospitalised and dying. Why? Well if they get vaccinated and die within 14 days they are counted as unvaccinated. If they make it through the 14 days then they are likely to survive the next time they meet the virus (ADE and OAS issues aside). The unvaccinated group are not such a filtered bunch and so probably reflect a more realistic infection fatality rate.

What really matters is why is the vaccine data not transparent? Why were Temporary/Emergency Use Authorisations allowed and why are they still being used to this day? Why has there been such coercion to get everybody vaccinated when it is clear it has no effect on catching or transmitting the virus?

Long Covid

All viruses can cause long-term effects in an individual. Most people recover fine, others don’t. It may be exaggerated, it may be due to psychological pandemic stress or it might be due to a man-made synthetic spike protein. Again, we probably won’t know how prevalent Long COVID is and what causes it.

The questions we need to be asking are why was so much psychological terror put on citizens, likely causing a lot of Long COVID? Why are there no investigations into where Covid originated and therefore what impacts the lab-made virus might be having on people?

Time to unite

We have been arguing over all of these issues for far too long and have been distracted from the divide and conquer techniques being used on us. We need to come together and start asking difficult questions. When enough pressure is placed on enough people, they will start asking. And when they start asking, we will start getting answers. Answers that a lot of people will be squirming about.

If you or I had caused the death of a person we would be in jail for life. However, deliberate decisions were made which caused many many deaths and these people need to be held accountable. Decisions such as allowing gain-of-function work, suppressing COVID origins (and so delaying the correct procedures and treatments to follow), allowing lockdowns, sending the elderly from hospitals to care homes, the use of certain drugs on the elderly, suppressing prophylactics, hiding vaccine data. The list goes on and on.

Yes, some of these were done innocently, in the heat of the moment but most of the ones listed above would have been deliberately decided on.

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