The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is getting tough on COVID misinformation spreaders, i.e., people who spread information that “undermines public trust in government institutions.”

Since the DHS has finite resources to pursue all these perpetrators, as a public service, I have created a list of what I believe are some of the country’s top misinformation spreaders.

I sincerely hope that the DHS will focus its efforts on these individuals since they have made statements and/or taken actions (or refused to take action) that have resulted in the undermining of public trust in US government institutions.

These people need to be stopped now and I’m grateful that the DHS is finally taking this seriously as innocent lives are being lost.

The DHS memo

Read this memo issued Monday, entitled Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland.

In particular, check out this section:

To make their job easier to pursue these spreaders of COVID-19 misinformation, I’ve compiled a list of the Disinformation Dozen, the top spreaders of COVID disinformation that are literally killing people through spreading misinformation about COVID.

My Disinformation Dozen list

I believe that all of these people are involved in “The proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions” and have collectively led to the tragic death of over 1 million Americans.

All of these people should be detained for questioning.

Note that the list is subjective. Different people will likely have different lists but most people would agree on the top five.

1. President Joe Biden

Told the public that the vaccines were safe and effective even though the data said the opposite. He wore ineffective face masks in order to mislead the public into thinking these masks could protect them. Refused to meet with any qualified scientist or doctor with opposing viewpoints before and after mandating the vaccines. Deliberately refuses to meet with scientists with opposing viewpoints so continues to spread misinformation today. Continues to erode public trust in the office of the President with approval ratings that are at all time lows:

2. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky

Told people that the vaccines are safe and effective and that masks work. Withheld information about early treatment protocols.

3. NIAID Director Anthony Fauci

Funded the virus, covered it up, knowingly spread misinformation about the source of the virus, lied about it all in Congress when questioned by Senator Rand Paul, and told Cliff Lane to not approve any early treatments in the Guidelines.

4. US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

Told people that the vaccines are safe and effective and that masks work and said nothing about effective early treatment protocols. Compounded the error by labeling people trying to spread life-saving information as “disinformation” spreaders.

5. FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock

Said she would investigate the Maddie de Garay case that proved fraud in the Pfizer trial and then did nothing. The FDA also denied the EUA application on fluvoxamine, a drug later proven to reduce mortality by 12X in a large Phase 3 trial.

6. COVID-19 Guidelines Chairman Cliff Lane

Discredited every single working COVID early treatment including fluvoxamine which has a 12X reduction in fatalities. Ignored all COVID-19 early treatments that work.

7. Bill Gates

Funded the misinformation campaigns (the fact checkers) including GAVI.

8. Tom Shimabukuro (CDC vaccine expert)

Never mentioned the VAERS under-reporting factor (URF) which underplayed the danger of the vaccines by at least 41x and deliberately misled people about causality and VAERS by claiming you can’t determine causality. Ignored all the safety signals in VAERS on all but a few symptoms. Ignored the death safety signal. Ignored every safety signal in DMED.

9. John Su (CDC, VAERS expert)

See Tom Shimabukuro

10. Steven A. Anderson (FDA), the top vaccine safety official at the FDA

Deliberately ignored all the VAERS and DMED safety signals and ignored all attempts to meet about the safety signals.

11. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Mandated vaccination in California even though he was injured by the COVID vaccine. Will not vaccinate his own kids. He knows the vaccines are dangerous from first-hand experience and deliberately misleads people of California by claiming they are safe.

12. Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator

Introduced legislation in the California legislature to close the Personal Exemption Loophole for COVID-19 School Vaccinations which will lead to the death of an unknown number of children. All done with no scientific evidence.

Top corporate spreaders of misinformation

These companies refuse to censor doctors and scientists who claim that the vaccines are safe and effective and masks work. Instead, they actually compound the problem by censoring people who are telling the truth. Net result: hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by censoring the wrong people.

1. YouTube

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. LinkedIn

5. Medium

6. Nextdoor

The actions of the Disinformation Dozen cost lives

Collectively, these people are responsible for the deaths of over 1 million Americans.

For example, they have done things such as:

1. Encouraging and/or mandating people to take “vaccines” that data shows are more likely to kill them than to save them. And even when people aren’t killed, the scientific evidence shows that these vaccines are making people more likely to be infected from the latest variant. This has led to the untimely death of an estimated 400,000 Americans and to the permanent disablement of a roughly equivalent number.

2. Telling people to wear masks when they know full well that all of the randomized trials showed that masks were ineffective. By misleading people to think they were protected, people then ventured into dangerous situations believing they were protected when they were in fact not protected at all. Masks are not harmless interventions. IQ has dropped dramatically (22 points) due to this “harmless” intervention. DHS needs to stop these terrorists now inside the CDC who are promoting this.

3. Ignoring all attempts to challenge them on their views by refusing to debate qualified scientists and doctors.

4. Spreading misinformation about the VAERS system. Deliberately not calculating the under-reporting factor using their own methodology and then not applying that in public statements, thus misleading the CDC and FDA outside committees into making erroneous decisions. Also ignoring all the safety data in the VAERS database and refusing to take any meetings to discuss it.

5. Deliberately trying to censor doctors and scientists from spreading the truth. Using intimidation tactics and directing social networks to cancel their accounts.

6. Sandbagging early treatment drugs that have been shown in clinical trials to save lives. They literally told people not to use these life-saving protocols leading to the unnecessary death of close to 900,000 people.

I believe they need to be silenced immediately before more harm is done.

– Follow advice based on science: < 7,500 dead

– Follow the advice of the Disinformation Dozen: > 1.3 million dead

Toby’s list

This list was created by Dr. Toby Rogers.

The corporate kingpins trial docket

1. Bill Gates (Gates Foundation)

2. Julie Gerberding (Merck)

3. Albert Bourla (Pfizer)

4. Alex Gorsky (J&J)

5. Stéphane Bancel (Moderna)

6. Pascal Soriot (AstraZeneca)

7. Kenneth Frazier (Merck)

8. Emma Walmsley (GSK)

9. Paul Hudson (Sanofi)

The institutional trial docket

1. Tony Fauci (NIAID)

2. Francis Collins (NIH)

3. Peter Hotez (Baylor)

4. Paul Offit (UPenn)

5. Tedros Adhanom (WHO)

6. Rochelle Walensky (CDC)

7. Frank DeStefano (CDC)

8. Tom Shimabukuro (CDC)

9. Ezekiel Emanuel (UPenn)

10. Michael Osterholm (Univ. MN)

11. Neil Ferguson (Imperial College London)

12. Dorit Reiss (UC)

The political trial docket

1. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)

2. Phil Murphy (D-NJ)

3. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI)

4. Ned Lamont (D-CT)

5. Gavin Newsom (D-CA)

6. Thomas Frieden (D-NY)

7. Tom Wolf (D-PA)

8. Jay Inslee (D-WA)

9. Kate Brown (D-OR)

10. Janet Mills (D-ME)

11. Tim Walz (D-MN)

12. Ralph Northam (D-VA)

13. Jared Polis (D-CO)

14. Richard Pan (D-CA)

15. Lorena Gonzales (D-CA)

16. Brad Hoylman (D-NY)

17. Kyle Mullica (D-CO)

18. Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party, Canada)

The media trial docket

1. Susan Wojcicki (YouTube)

2. Sundar Pichai (Google)

3. Mark Zuckerberg (Meta, Facebook, Instagram)

4. Jack Dorsey (Twitter)

5. Lisa Sherman (The Ad Council)

6. Sanjay Gupta (CNN)

7. Anderson Cooper (D-CNN)

8. Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)

9. Leana Wen (Wapo/CNN)

10. Imran Ahmed (CCDH)

11. Joe Smyser (Project VCTR)

12. Brandy Zadrozny (NBC)

Honorable mention (inside US)

Not included in the lists above, but worthy of investigation. Not in any particular order.

1. All state medical boards who investigated any physician for issuing waivers, speaking out against the vaccines or masks, or mandates, or prescribing live-saving drugs

2. AMA


4.. Biden White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients and Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain

5. Robert Redfield, former CDC director

6. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough

7. Chris CuomoJeff Zucker and everyone else at CNN, ESPN, MSNBC

8. CNN’s Jake Tapper who accuses RFK Jr of being a grifter, but will not accept an open debate. Seriously?

9. Jen Psaki

10. Sonia Sotomayor, US Supreme Court

11. Kathy Hochul, Governor of NY

12. Eric Topol (Scripps)

13.Zubin Damania (aka Zdoggmd)

14. Monica Gandhi (UCSF)

15. Mike Pence

16. Deborah Brix

17. Nancy Pelosi

18. Anna Eshoo

19. Other members of Congress (with the notable exception of Senator Ron Johnson who is heroic)

20. Ralph Baric, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

21. Peter DaszakEcoHealth Alliance, without whom we wouldn’t have a pandemic

22. Jens Kuhn and Sina Bavari

23. Most local officials within our towns/cities/municipalities who supported vaccine/mask mandates

24. School Boards who supported vaccine/mask mandates

25. Teachers unions

26. Medical doctors who recommended the vaccines/masks, especially for kids and who ignored early treatment for their patients

27. Hospitals who took the grift and complied with CDC directives and forbade the use of ivermectin and other life saving treatments

28. Businesses who fired people who didn’t comply with vaccine mandates

29. Churches who tell people to get vaccinated

30. Governor Eric Holcomb (Indiana) as well as other governors pushing the narrative (Notable exception: Ron DeSantis)

31. JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois and Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (Chicago)

32. The Economist, Forbes, Reuters, Kamala Harris, NPR

33. All legacy media (previously known as “mainstream media”)

Honorable mention (outside US)

1. Pope Francis (who called for wide scale vaccination)

2. Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Medical officer

3. All the public health officers in the provincial and municipal governments, plus all the federal and provincial ministers of health in Canada

4. All of the Canadian legacy media, especially CBC

5. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

6. Germany’s Angela MerkelOlaf ScholzKarl Lauterbach, and Christian Drosten

7. Dr. Zhengli Shi

8. Klaus Schwab

9. Ashley Bloomfield (Director General of Health – NZ), Chris Hipkins (Covid Response Minister – NZ Labour Party)

10. Sebastian Kurz, former Chancellor of Austria

Who did we miss that deserves to be mentioned? Let us know in the comments.

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