FETSUND, NORWAY – One of Norway’s greatest cross-country skiing talents is ‘knocked out’ by the COVID-19 vaccine. Daniel Aakervik, 17-years-old, has to suspend his season after a severe reaction to the jab.

Daniel won the gold medal in 2020 at the cross-country skiing competition for juniors

Daniel Aakervik is described as one of Norway’s greatest talents in cross-country skiing and biathlon. The 17-year-old won both Hovedlandsrennet (cross-country skiing) as a 15 and 16-year-old. He has also taken victories in biathlon.

Daniel’s health problems first started several months ago after he had received his first dose of the COVID vaccine:

“I immediately felt something was wrong after the first dose. I took blood samples right after that, which initially showed nothing out of the ordinary. But I still noticed that something was wrong with my body and decided to take new blood samples. These indeed showed that there is something wrong. The doctors now tell me that it may be a side-effect of the vaccine.”

Daniel has suspended the start of his season and is uncertain when he will be able to compete at the highest level again:

“My initial plan was to start in December but right now the problems with my body are preventing that from happening. Since I can’t train intensively and I can only do low-intesity stuff, the start of my season will now have to wait until at least after Christmas. I thought I would start my season in early December but I won’t.

My main goal right now is to get well, so it is important for me to have patience. Only when I am completely well can I start to gradually build-up to my old level again. It is a pity because the training this summer went really well. I felt incredibly good this summer.”

The news comes shortly after two-time Norwegian Olympic athlete Filip Ingebrigtsen came out about his health struggles seven months after his first COVID-19 vaccine.

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