After two years of COVID-19, it is still surrounded by mysteries. While it is clear enough that COVID-19 is lab-made, it is not at all clear by what lab (yes I heard about Wuhan, but there is also UNC, Fort Detrick etc), and for what purpose it was developed.

Many mysterious events happened, many wise and well-founded conspiracy theories were put forth, and so on. At the same time, it is possible that the conspiracy theories, while well thought out and well-intentioned, did not capture fully what actually happened.

My point here is not to denounce conspiratorial thinking, which is something that every intelligent person needs to explore while staying true to evidence, and is practiced in general by sovereign states’ intelligence agencies. It is to point out that anyone who says that they know what happened, is likely to be at least somewhat missing the mark.

The “truth” and “reality” of “what really happened” may not yet be fully uncovered and “things are complicated”. So let’s set “what happened” and “what did they intend to accomplish” aside for a moment, so as not to get distracted.

The point of this article is to explore something else in the context of the current situation, which is: Who will be blamed?

Right now, it is clear that the people at the top of the “worldwide COVID response” are feeling the heat, rising public skepticism and anger. This is true regardless of what you think their primary motive was, from benign to corrupt to outright evil.

The “people on top” are in danger and they know it. The “vaccines” clearly do not match promises, public health is damaged by “vaccination”, the virus is rampaging, and the public and parents are starting to ask uncomfortable questions and are getting pissed off. This is dangerous to the “leaders”.

This sort of situation usually is resolved by puppeteers trying to expose and “punish” selected scapegoats, in order to deflect the attention of the public away from themselves.

In this situation, it may be wise to ask who the real puppeteers are, and who the scapegoats will be.

In my opinion, the entire “pandemic”, “pandemic response”, and unprecedented power grab by rich technocrats, would have been impossible without the cooperation of ALL of the below-mentioned people. If even one of them did not go along, none of what happened would have happened.

These people are:

– Bill Gates, with his hands in global health everywhere and his sponsorship of legacy media

– George Soros, who subverted democratic processes in North America and Europe and installed bureaucrats and overseers everywhere

– Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg, who control the Internet, and decide what we are allowed to say and think etc

– Klaus Schwab and Xi Jinping, where the former created a club of global technocrats who he installed in power, “young global leaders” like Macron and Gavin Newsom, and the latter underwrote this and likely had a hand in releasing the virus.

My article does NOT attempt to discuss what these six people “really wanted”, it only notices that they are colluding.

If even one of them simply said no and refused to participate in “COVID response”, none of the craziness that we have seen, with fraudulent vaccines instantly popping up and being adopted and forced onto children, mass censorship and mass formation of fear, intimidation and silencing of dissent across the globe, etc, would have happened.

Most likely our societies would adjust and find reasonable answers, possibly differing country to country at first, and eventually converging. Instead, due to the collusion of the above six people, we have the mess that we have.

These people know very well that they are in a crisis:

– Their plan to vaccinate everyone and get rid of the control group has failed

– The public no longer believes them

– The virus has no intention of cooperating with their plans (or anyone’s hopes)

– The “vaccine”, which possibly was not even made for our benefit, is now very obviously NOT to our benefit and the public is getting very angry.

Now if you and I were “them”, putting ourselves in their shoes, what would we do? The puppeteers, being smart people, probably realize that they might end up hanging on lampposts in a year or so.

Knowing what I know about history, the usual attempts of the powers that be is to distract us and:

– Find scapegoats

– Manufacture another crisis or start a war

If this is so, who could the scapegoats be?

A typical answer is that the scapegoats could be us, the unvaccinated. Yes, it is the fault of the unvaccinated that the vaccines don’t work, right? But convincing the public and decision-makers that this mess is because of us, is exceedingly unlikely and the smart puppeteers will likely look elsewhere.

In my opinion, the following people and organizations make perfect scapegoats. We can be ‘convinced’ that our troubles are due to them “lying to us” and “defrauding us”, making their motive purely financial with the addition of self-aggrandizement of Fauci, and not due to the six puppeteers mentioned above. The three scapegoats, broadly, are:

– Albert Bourla (Pfizer CEO)

– Stephane Bancel (Moderna CEO)

– Dr. Anthony Fauci

These three, in my personal opinion, are actually acting criminally and have most likely committed multiple felonies. They also look like perfect villains and act like perfect villains, constantly being on TV as the frontmen of the “pandemic response”. It is possible to weave a “story of corruption”, blaming them for putting their greed above the people and scheming for Anthony Fauci. The story blaming these scapegoats is quite believable.

Their punishment, while well deserved, will insulate the real villains and puppeteers of this story, who will likely create another crisis to distract us from the past. What the next crisis might be, is hard to say. War is the usual answer and has been a typical response for centuries. Maybe it will be a false flag war, a global cyberattack, a new health scare, who knows. I do not want to get into that too much because these suppositions are low certainty and identifying the next crisis is not essential to this discussion.

What is highly certain to me, is that we will soon see a concerted campaign to identify and punish scapegoats, with the above-mentioned people and entities making perfect villains. Albert Bourla or Stephane Bancel would look amazingly corrupt and evil when questioned by the prosecution, Dr. Fauci makes a perfect “scientific villain” etc.

Bankrupting failed mRNA companies Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna would look very valiant to the general public and would make total sense as “deserved punishments” (these companies are useless anyway as their mRNA technology is a dead-end). They will also appropriately attract the attention of injury lawyers, as these companies have billions of dollars to be taken and divided as legal spoils.

But do not let their prosecution distract us from who really orchestrated the current disaster and who is really responsible for millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of people with ruined health.

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