Standup comedian Heather McDonald collapsed and fractured her skull during a show in Tempe, Arizona, on Saturday night. The 51-year-old was into her second joke about being vaccinated when she fell, according to TMZ:

“Eyewitnesses tell TMZ … the former ‘Chelsea Lately’ star was headlining the sold-out show, when she delivered her second joke … ‘I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted … and flu shot and shingle shot and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most.

As soon as she delivered the joke, she just collapsed and hit her head on the floor. Everyone thought at first it was all part of the act, but it was not. She was conscious, but clearly, all was not well. An EMT and a nurse happened to be in the audience … they rushed up on stage to provide first aid.

Comedian Heather McDonald immediately collapsed on stage after saying, “I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted and flu shot.”

The 51-year-old took to her Instagram to address fans from the hospital:

“So, I’m in the emergency room, I look weird. Oh my God, I’m so, so, so, so sorry.

I passed out on stage, I got up, I did one joke and I felt so dizzy. You can see my eye, I fell on my eye. Oh my God, I cannot believe this happened, I feel so terrible that they had to tell everyone to leave and then cancel the second show.”

Mcdonald added:

I’ve never, ever fainted in my life.

Her sister-in-law, who was in the audience, took her to the hospital, where she underwent various tests including a CT scan. What caused her to faint remains unclear.

The comedian told TMZ that she “never had COVID” and that she is fully vaccinated and boosted.

McDonald’s trip to the emergency room comes just a day after fellow comedian Chelsea Handler, who is also fully vaccinated, was hospitalized with an undisclosed medical scare. Handler was forced to postpone two of her shows in Oregon called “Vaccinated and Horny Tour”.

You can watch Mcdonald’s video message from her hospital bed here:

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