Hundreds of colleges are now demanding that students get “booster shots”. This includes the college of one of my dear relatives, a vaccinated young man who just had COVID.

To these college administrators, demanding boosters probably seems like cheaply achieved “virtue signaling”, showing themselves to be “on the side of science”, perhaps reaffirming some liberal ideals about forcing people to benefit society at their own expense, etc. Some administrators might even still believe that “boosters” somehow will help their students, not being involved in vaccine science.

As a human being, I understand where these administrators come from. But please realize, for a minute, that more than half of these previously vaccinated students just had COVID this month. The result of giving boosters to just-recovered young women and men will be disastrous.

These COVID recovered young people, who had COVID in recent weeks, are hopefully forming natural immunity. This process is complicated and takes several weeks. Interrupting this process and adding an immune-suppressing mRNA payload, that then generates useless spike proteins (that the students just developed due to COVID infections), will likely prevent them from their last chance to have natural immunity to COVID.

In addition, adding antigenic spike protein to recently-recovered will likely provoke an exaggerated immunogenic response and cause side effects, ranging from neurological, to pulmonary, to cardiac, to blood clotting.

There is no possible benefit to boosting recently-recovered. This virtue-signaling mandate is the worst attack on health that a college can do to its young students. The damage will be irreversible and will last years.

Please send this article to any college students who may be considering boosters, especially if they just had COVID. Absolutely anything that could make them wait with these “boosters”, which will likely be canceled shortly anyway, may actually save their lives.

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