WASHINGTON, D.C. – Cody Flint, a pilot, gave his testimony during a three-hour panel discussion hosted by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson on November 3rd in Washington D.C. The expert panel included citizens suffering from vaccine-induced injured and medical experts on federal vaccine mandates. Citizens suffering from vaccine-induced injuries traveled from all across the US to share their stories in the nation’s capital.

Flint, a previously healthy 33-year-old agricultural pilot, testified he received his first dose of the Pfizer injection on February 1st, 2021. Within 30 mins of having the injection, he displayed symptoms of an adverse reaction. Two days later he was back in the cockpit flying and almost immediately knew something was wrong: he developed tunnel vision, his headache worsened and at one point he almost “blacked out.” He was later diagnosed with perilymph fistula.

Flint said:

“Does anyone really think it’s fair to make the vaccine-injured wait for years for help? I think we can all agree that refusing or delaying the help we need is unconscious reasonable. We urgently need this help. Thank you.

Watch his full testimony:

The entirety of the hearing can be found: Here

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