AUSTRIA – A brothel in Vienna is providing COVID-19 vaccinations and giving those who take up the offer vouchers for a free visit. In exchange for a jab, visitors get a free 30-minute session in a “Fun Palast” with the “lady of their choice”.

The Vienna brothel is reportedly offering patrons a free session with a lady of their choosing in its “sauna club” if they are willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine shot at a clinic onsite in an incentive program that will run every Monday through the end of November from 4 pm to 10 pm local time, according to the Daily Mail.

The brothel is encouraging men and women to visit for vaccinations this month.

Due to the pandemic, we have registered a 50% decrease [in clients], with this initiative we hope that the number of customers will rise again”

A man named Gerhard who visited the brothel said:

“I would have gotten vaccinated anyway but the 2G rule has certainly accelerated things a little. And since an acquaintance of mine organised this action I thought ‘Lets go for it’.

I think this is perfectly ok because we can achieve a better immunisation rate this way and that’s necessary to end the pandemic at some point.”

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has reportedly said that Austria’s latest measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19 will likely stay in force over Christmas and New Year.

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