CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been wildly inflating the number of “vaccinated” Americans by counting potentially tens of millions of “boosters” and second doses as first-time shots, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

Pennsylvania’s acting health secretary Alison Beam said their review showed that some first doses were actually second doses – meaning that fully inoculated people were counted twice as half-vaccinated. Beam revealed the ‘error’ just after she announced that she will be resigning from her post at the end of 2021.

The CDC over-reported the number of vaccinations of the elderly in the state “by about 850,000”, which is approximately 36% of Pennsylvania’s 2,27 million elderly population.

CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Health commented:

“We don’t have any faith in the numbers on the CDC website, and we never refer to them.”

This is not the first time the CDC has been caught fudging data, in July and August, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was caught lying to the public for grossly underreporting the number of vaccinated Americans who were dying with COVID in hospitals.

Now that the CDC vaccination numbers have been revealed to be fake, the question is how reliable the vaccination numbers from other countries are.

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