Unlike Midas, everything the Biden Administration touches turns into excrement. Whether it’s deliberate or not, the end result is becoming crystal clear. Every grand plan of action, purported to help Americans, harms Americans. Every attempt to punish the overseas “bad guy” (in this case, Russian President Vladimir Putin) ends up harming American citizens worse.

2022 began with a projected “Winter of several illness and death” for the unvaccinated. This of course never really panned out, as working class people who took care of their health largely remained fine, because COVID is no more deadly than seasonal influenza. However, the Biden Administration insisted that they know what’s best for our collective health. And the government’s infamous OSHA mandate — which has since gone bust — led to misery for so many American families, forcing countless individuals to undergo another round of potentially dangerous experimental mRNA therapy in order to feed their families. And when “the measures” failed, they blamed the non-compliant.

The COVID Mania narrative, which was becoming immensely unpopular with a growing contingent of Americans, has been put on pause. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created a perfect bogeyman for the Biden Administration, which has long blamed Russia for everything under the sun. 

So get ready for Putin’s gas price hikes, Putin’s inflation, and Putin’s food shortages. Unlike the adoption of the COVID narrative, however, Americans are not exactly convinced that Putin is responsible for our economic issues. 

We are now staring down a spring of soaring energy prices and the admitted possibility of food shortages, largely due to our government’s destructive economic and energy policies, but most recently accelerated by the Biden Administration’s already failing sanctions regime against Russia. 

The “global” sanctions regime has utterly failed, due to a variety of factors, including the reality that Russia still has plenty of trading partners to choose from. This includes the European sanctions partners, who have no other option than to buy Russian energy resources. Euro powers decided, under the incentivized shield of NATO (American military protection) to adopt a “green” import-only strategy, in order to accommodate the eco fanatics within their ranks. American policymakers in the Biden Administration seek to replicate these destructive policies, as part of their “Build Back Better” agenda to transition away from reliable energy and consolidate even more power into the central authority.

The sanctions were established with the de facto objective to bankrupt the Russian economy and depose Vladimir Putin. One month later, the Russian population continues to consolidate around Putin, and the Ruble is rebounding to its pre-invasion stature. 

The Biden Administration and U.S. legislators can avoid a spring of economic recession and soaring energy prices by dropping the sanctions regime and encouraging a peaceful settlement to the Russia-Ukraine spat. Instead, they are doing the opposite. Putin has become the fall guy for everything that has gone south with the American economy, and with midterm elections coming up, the Biden Administration is leaning into it as much as they can.

These forces are imposing tremendous economic harm upon the American citizen. Whether it’s deliberate or not can remain an academic exercise, but the reality of their policies could not be any more clear.

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