Alexander Lukashenko has been tongue-lashing the Virus Scam since it began terrorizing the world with cold-like symptoms nearly two years ago. More importantly, his public utterances have been consistent with actual policy: Belarus does not have compulsory injection decrees; domestic cattle tags are nowhere to be found.

Here’s the problem: for the rest of the world, “basic human dignity” has become an antiquated, outmoded concept. This idea that someone can just “travel” all willy-nilly without first being injected with an unproven genetic slurry and branded with a digital cattle iron—this is a totally invalid, dinosaur-age idea. So if a Belarusian wants to venture outside of Belarus, he or she will need to upgrade to OS Cattle Tag. It’s that simple.

As state-run Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA) reported last week, starting on Tuesday, Belarus will issue vaccination certificates with a QR code for the mobile app “I travel without COVID-19”:

The Ministry of Health reiterated: on the territory of Belarus, the presentation of so-called COVID-passports is not requiredAt the same time, taking into account the legislation of foreign countries, QR codes containing information about completed vaccinations have become a mandatory requirement for safe travel and visiting public places during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The information system being created will allow residents of Belarus to travel and take business trips with information about vaccination entered into the mobile application ‘I travel without COVID-19′.

‘I’m traveling without COVID-19’ is a project of the Digital Initiatives Fund of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB). The task of the application is to ensure the free and safe movement of citizens between countries in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The application is used on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova.”

A digital travel pass created by a bank. Sounds nice.

Based in Almaty, the EDB is a regional development bank established by Russia and Kazakhstan. Apart from developing a cattle tag system for international travel, the bank is also involved in “smart city” projects.

A Moscow-back vax passport is way better than the WEF-backed vax passport

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin showcased the “I travel without COVID-19” app during the Digital Future of the Global Economy conference in Almaty last February. The application is meant to serve as a “health passport” for traveling within the Eurasian Economic Union. For now, it appears you can also obtain a QR code with a negative PCR test.

5D chess alert?

The app has been fully endorsed by Vladimir Putin. In December, the Russian president proposed “to continue work to improve the functionality and expand the geography” of the digital vax passport.

This is just the beginning. Moscow-backed cattle tags could soon merge with Brussels-backed cattle tags—a great triumph for humanity.

As RBK reported on February 2nd, Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development has asked to join the European Union’s system for verifying cattle tags:

“The Ministry of Digital Development is negotiating with European colleagues. In January 2022, we sent an application to join the mechanism for generating and verifying a certificate with a QR code.

The ministry explained that the integration of Russian and European platforms for mutual reading of COVID-certificates of citizens is possible, and in case of successful connection to the EU infrastructure, the ministry plans, at the request of a citizen, to generate a certificate according to European standards in addition to the Russian one.

There’s really nothing surprising here. At the beginning of the month, your humble Moscow correspondent observed:

The introduction of an international clot-shot passport required for traveling across state lines is basically inevitable; the only way to stop it is if the United Nations, and also the entire international political system, trips and falls into an active volcano.

This has been semi-obvious since… April 2020?

But people still don’t get it; they’re not fully processing what’s happening.

Biosecurity has conquered the world.

We don’t blame you, Luka. At least you tried.

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