PALERMO, ITALY – There is an unfortunate trend of adverse events developing among players in all categories of amateur and professional sports who have received the COVID-19 vaccination. 23-year-old soccer player Vittoria Campo passed away in Palermo from cardiac arrest on November 1st, just two months after her 25-year-old brother Alessandro died just two days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Both had never suffered from any illness and were fit and active sportspeople according to family and friends. Sky News Italy reports that a prosecutor in Palermo has ordered an autopsy on Vittoria’s body.

Allesandro Campo

Allesandro Campo, 25, a student of law and an avid soccer player, passed away on September 1st following his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. An autopsy revealed that he had suffered a cardiac arrest in his sleep at his home in Favignana. According to his friends, he received the vaccine 2 days prior to his death.

To add to their grief, the Campo family soon experienced another tragedy. Two months later, Allesandro’s sister, 23-year-old Vittoria Campo allegedly also suffered an adverse event to the COVID-19 vaccination. Vittoria died at Ingrassia hospital in Palermo after a sudden cardiac arrest on November 1st.

Vittoria Campo

Palermo FC, the soccer club that Vittoria played for, wrote in a tribute:

“No words can ever describe the pain and dismay for the premature loss of a young woman and football player. Our thoughts go to the parents who have to live with this new and immeasurable pain.

Vittoria, you are and you will always remain in our hearts. Thank you for all the moments you have given us.”

Her sudden death is still being investigated.

The tragedy comes just months after 4 members of the same family in the Philippines died one after another two weeks after receiving a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

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