In admitting de facto defeat in their war against a submicroscopic infectious particle, the United Kingdom has announced that they will soon drop all of the nation’s COVID-19 related restrictions. Most notably, the U.K. is abandoning its discriminatory vaccine passport system.

It’s quite a departure from the last two years, in which the Boris Johnson-led regime installed one unscientific, tyrannical policy after another, justifying edict after edict as a mechanism to fight a war against COVID-19.

Johnson has been one of the world’s worst enforcers of tyranny, frequently ginning up endless hysteria, and excusing Britain’s transformation into an authoritarian regime over the course of the COVID Mania era.

Don’t let the corporate media tell you otherwise, this is absolutely a BIG deal. The PM is one of the main faces of the COVID regime, and he’s essentially admitting to defeat in front of the whole world.

And in even better news, citizens seem to be broadly fed up with this class of government officials. Johnson, for his part, has become a deeply unpopular leader.

Yes, the ruling class in Britain will never admit that it was all for nothing, and this is a much bigger issue than just Boris Johnson. The entire U.K. system adopted, enforced, and cheered on these restrictions.

And surely, these politicians and fraudulent “experts” will put on their best COVID-19 rain dance impression, and they will even pretend that they are to credit for the disease eventually becoming endemic. But the data doesn’t lie. Nothing worked. And every “public health measure” enforced by the U.K. government — and this includes almost every single government in the world — made matters worse. They can’t afford to admit to these massive sunk costs to the British citizenry.

Again, every policy measure devised by “public health experts” and implemented by the government failed. Every single one. Not a soul was saved by the British government or any government, but millions and millions were most certainly harmed by their catastrophic adoption of Wuhan-like measures to fight a virus.

The lockdowns failed. The mask mandates failed. The curfews failed. The movement passes failed. Nothing worked, and as each day passed, the U.K. racked up an increasingly growing humanitarian and economic sunk cost upon its own people. 

For two years, anti-lockdown protesters in the U.K. took to the streets in defense of their fundamental freedoms. This hard-fought battle was won in part by citizens continually rising up against the COVID authoritarianism and peacefully expressing their displeasure with the ruling class.

Let’s hope that this trend continues, that the rest of Europe, and the world as a whole, retract these anti-human, dangerous, destructive draconian policies.

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