Pfizer announced Tuesday, to great fanfare from the cattle class, that they are officially starting trials for an Omicron-specific COVID vaccine on their novel mRNA platform.

The projected protocol calls for an additional two-dose series followed by a booster some months after the back-to-back shots. For people who are already triple injected, that can make for 6 shots in total over the course of a couple of years, or even sooner, if Pfizer soon receives expedited authorization for its latest formulation. 

Changing the formula is a newfound endeavor for Pfizer, as the mRNA vaccine developed in collaboration with BioNTech has never been reoriented for any past strains of the coronavirus. Both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna said that it would be easy to fire up new shots on demand. They have not sufficiently explained why they did not make new shots for previous variants, which were reportedly much more threatening than the Omicron mutation.

Recipients of the current injection continue to receive a shot formulated for the original strain, which has not existed in circulation for a very long time. Additionally, there remains no FDA-approved COVID vaccine in the United States.

Now in peak COVID/Flu season in much of the world, countries are failing to achieve demonstrable success with the overall mRNA platform. Israel, the most mRNA-injected country on earth, where many citizens are now on dose 4 of the original mRNA formula, is currently seeing an unprecedented outbreak of unbelievable proportions. This week, the country is sporting a 20-30% daily positivity rate, with over 500,000 active cases:

Anthony Fauci, the infamous federal bureaucrat and part-time Big Pharma used car salesman, was quick to applaud Pfizer for starting the Omicron trials, despite the reality that this new shot will probably not receive clearance until the Omicron wave has completely subsided and there will no longer be any use for the therapy.

Fauci said:

“What the company is trying to do … you’d want to protect people from breakthrough infections and you might want to boost them, it makes sense to think in terms of at least having ready an Omicron-specific boost.

I think it’s prudent to at least prepare for the possibility that this may be a persistent variant that we have to face.”

Not the best sales job. It seems that even Fauci is having a hard time justifying another monster cash grab for his friends at Pfizer.

Anyway, there you have it. Just 6 shots to stop the spread!

And to wrap this up, a quick reminder of how much the narrative has changed:

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