CANADA – Another young child has been mistakenly dosed with the Pfizer COVID vaccine, continuing an increasing trend.

Canadian Jenna Bardarson went to the Keystone Health Centre in Brandon, Manitoba on November 24th to get flu shots for herself and her three-year-old daughter, Dali, but after the injections, she was told by staff that they had both been given adult doses of the Pfizer vaccine instead.

Jenna said she was shocked when she was informed of the mistake but was told by healthcare workers that her daughter would ‘probably be fine’.

“I was concerned about my daughter as we were starting to have side-effects and stuff. I really was kind of angry and wanted to speak to someone.”

Jenna Bardarson with her three-year-old daughter, Dali

Not only is the Pfizer vaccine unapproved for children under 5, but the adult dose is three times the dose for children. Both Jenna and Dali suffered side effects from the shot, with both suffering fevers and headaches and her three-year-old began vomiting a few days later. It is unknown whether there have been more serious health effects on the young girl.

Angry about the mistake, Jenna began calling health authorities to try and find out what happened but was met with a bureaucratic wall of silence. The number she was originally given to report any negative effects was incorrect, but after calling various Manitoba health numbers, to report her daughter’s symptoms, she was told that they both might have COVID and that they should self-isolate.

She then went to the vaccination centre to complain in person and days later received a call saying that it would take 30 days to do an investigation and that she could be given no data on the health worker who injected her child due to ‘confidentiality’.

“The amount of hoops a person has to go through to even just figure out what place to contact to be heard to report negligence and malpractice in the prairie mountain health region is absolutely unacceptable. And what’s more, this was a completely avoidable mistake that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, my daughter is literally a guinea pig now for us to see how the adult vaccine will effect a child so young! Though it sounds like she will be ok, what if she hadn’t of been!”

Keystone Health Centre in Brandon, Manitoba

Manitoba Health later said about the incident:

“Followup conversations have occurred with the immunizer involved, and based on their immediate recognition of the error and disclosure to a supervisor, no further corrective action has been taken.”

CBC eventually covered the story, however, Bardarson wrote on Facebook after the interview that whole parts of her response were not mentioned and that she believes that CBC is covering for the province to avoid accountability.

This case is the latest in a string of incidents where underage children have been given adult doses of the COVID vaccine in the rush to immunize. You can find our reports on them: Here, Here, Here.

The report by CBC:

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